Start grooving with ‘Donu Donu’ from Maari

It was a hectic Friday today. The Friday everyone expects is with less work and swiftly landing into weekend mood. Its 9.30 pm IST and my day got over just now. And I should tell you that it was not tough for me to get into the weekend mood.

Yeah after my work,  i was just browsing youtube to find anything interesting and i did hit upon this song Donu Donu from the movie Maari. This song is conposed by Anirudh and sung by Anirudh (yeah he sings most of the songs in his composition) and Alisha Thomas. Their voices blend wonderfully and its really a groovy number. It really boosted my energy and yaaay I am set for the weekend.

If you are tired after hectic week,  jus plugged ur headphones and click the link below.

I hope your foot would have started tapping now 🙂 Have a great weekend!!!


Lets say “Thanks” !!!

My 1.5 year old son is in the stage of speaking small words. We had taught him the word “Thanks” and told him that whenever you get something from anyone you should say “Thanks”. But what is happening at home is quiet different. When we ask him to get something for us, he would bring and hand it over to us saying “Thanks”. If we don’t say “Thanks” back to him, he will wait staring at us till we say “Thanks”. I didn’t understand this for first few times when he did so. Then my wife told me that he is reminding me to tell him “Thanks”. But our junior wont say “Thanks” when he gets something from us. We also remind him to say that and then he does say “Thanks”. Isn’t it the situation with everyone around? We do not say “Thanks” to our parents, spouse, siblings, friends and family because of an assumption that “Thanks” is only meant to be used with third person but we expect the word “Thanks” or the thankful gesture from every soul around us including the immediate family. Ok I accept the fact that we now celebrate a day for every relation and we brag about them in our Facebook page that day and say “Thanks” there. Irony is that we don’t even tell them directly.

Coming to the point,

  • How many of us thank a cab driver or auto driver who drove us to our home safely?
  • How many of us thank the waiter at a hotel or a room boy who serves you everything you ask?
  • Do we say thanks to our apartments watchman who has been taking care of our place when we are not at home?
  • Have you ever said thanks to plumber or electrician or any other service person who visits your home immediately after you call to attend some emergency work?
  • Have you thanked the ward boy or the helper in the hospital who helped you during your stay in the hospital ?

We never thank the people I mentioned above because we think we pay them for what they are doing. We are also being paid at our office but aren’t we expecting a certificate of good work or a memento for our performance from our organization? Yes. We do !!! We definitely expect an award of appreciation. But these people do not get any such appreciation from anyone. A “Thanks” from you would definitely make their day. And also I bet when you see them next time they would tend to be more helpful to you.

I got enlightened on this from a morning show in a local radio channel couple of years back and I have started the habit of saying “Thanks” to everyone who helps me. The help might be small or huge but it is help at the end of the day. I wish you too would follow this after reading this blog. “Thanks” again for taking your time to read my blog 🙂


P.S : I have mentioned “Thanks” in most of the places in my blog as my teacher in school has said that if you want to remember a phrase or equation or anything as such, just write it and keep it in a place where you can see it often. Seeing something more number of times would register it easily 🙂 “Thanks” !!!

Whats so special about Friendship ?

Whats so special about Friendship ?

Wow what could be more special than a mention about you by your fren in their blog ??? This lady has been my fren, sister, motivator, guide and watever you wanna add to it. Thank u so much Narmi. This means a lot 🙂


Mother is the human God who gave us birth. Parents and siblings – this is the family we were brought up. Once grown up, spouse and kids become our new family and life. All these characters are so emotional and vital in a human’s life. But , from where comes this so called “friend” who becomes so much important in everyone’s life ? Some friends would just be known to us for few days, months, or few years, but why ? A friend gets so much importance in anyone’s life or this “Friendship” makes us so attached ?

After a long thought process of gyan, I realized, “Once we are born, parents try to bring the best in us and try to correct our mistakes and change our negatives into positives, push us towards success on everything to make our life perfect. A spouse and child are those for whom we try…

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Being victims of film reviews

In this era of criticism, the day a movie releases everyone in the theater is tweeting or posting their reviews in all social networking sites. U know the best scene, worst scene, everything about the movie being at home or at work. The movie reviewers are so grateful to the makers that they don’t tell the climax openly and ask the readers to watch the film in theaters. Every review ends with comments on few technical aspects from the movie.

I used to be a movie buff earlier and would also comment on movie but it would be few lines and I would humbly tell that it is my opinion. Watching a movie and liking or disliking it is completely a personal choice but forcing it on people by talking all negatives about it in social networking site is not so good. Actress Suhasini said in the Ok Kanmani launch to media- ” If a person knows to grab the computer mouse, then they think that they can review a movie.” Lot of social networking reviewers were hurt by that but it is true to some extent. Every Friday night my Facebook wall, twitter page loads with the reaction from people who have watched the movie released and they try to showcase their personal opinion as the reaction from the whole lot of audience.

I read reviews before going for a movie. If you are one like me, lets change ourselves now. I have understood this after being victim of missing these two wonderful movies at theaters because of the reviews and controversies  – “Uttama Villian” (news articleand “PK” (news article). Both the movies had been portrayed as displaying hatred towards Hinduism. When people criticized Uttama villian as a worst movie from Kamal and PK for Aamir Khan’s hatred towards Hinduism, the movies are way high from all these criticism and have something else to deliver to the audience.

Uttama Villain beautifully talks about the life and death in a commercial cinema and Kamal in his own way have displayed the transformation from the hero life to the life he takes after being diagnosed by tumor in the movie and fulfilling his responsibilities before his death. The “Hiranya Ndagam” which is quoted to be hurting Hindu’s feelings does come only for few minutes and as in any Hindu dharma only the truth and good triumphs there. If Kamal would have captured a bad guy disguised as god winning the game that would be have been stupidity but what Kamal has portrayed seems to be in the right sense.


PK on the other hand enlighten us about the god who created us and the god we create. Yeah I know that the major criticism is on Hindu God-men but the fact is that the Hindu god-men are more in north India and so to make the audience connect easily the director would have had the character as Hindu god-man. The major takeaway from the movie should be believing in the god who created us and not the ones whom we create.


I have decided that I will watch the movies and then decide if I like it or not, rather hearing it or reading about it from people around me. At the end of the day, its we as a person who knows about our taste of movies 🙂

Happy Father’s day Pa !!!

Happy Father’s day Pa !!!

Daddy is always said to be close only to daughter, the king who doesn’t hurt only princesses, the man who gets only things what his daughter loves for etc etc…Dads for some reason is always termed only to love his daughters and is always portrayed as the person who completely is against his son. These are the impact created by the film industry in India.

My father, Sri.S.Kalidasan has never displayed hatred or anger towards me or my brother. He is the man of simplicity and never does lose his temper to us. As any other dad he is unsung hero but we are matured enough to know that. He is the man who has been a dedicated son, lovable husband and a friendly father. He might not have got medals in his studies but he has won great remarks in his work and also is appreciated by everyone for keeping our family together.He might not have visited my performances during annual day on time due to work, but have always shared the appreciations he have heard from the crowd. He might not have attended my parents teachers meeting but always have made sure that he keeps track on our studies from my mom or from teachers when he meets them offline. He has been strict with us on studies but have always rewarded us when we succeed. Also he has never made us ask him for something. He had always got it ahead.

Appa I know that I have given you tensions during my initial days of hostel life in college and I have been stubborn at various times. I have argued with always on financial strictness and I have always felt you are making me stringent (as people around us quote) when you have asked me to save my money for future and I have also realized how much it has been useful for me. I am sorry for hurting you then.

You are always my inspiration Pa. I have seen you happier the day I got married to Keerthanaa and happiest on the day Dhushy was born. I would love to bring up Dhushy in the same way you brought us up. We love you so much Pa. I am what I am today because of your sacrifices and love.

And last but not least, I am following your advise Pa that I should treat my in-laws as I treat you. So before I end the article, I would mention about my FIL, Sri.R.Suresh. He is the man I look upon as inspiration next to my dad. The always cool nature, the confidence he has in everything he does, the way he motivates us to do things in life is really appreciable and makes us follow his steps. Mama, hats off to you. We love you a lot.

Happie father day Appa and Mama !!! We bow you both with all respect and would always be following your steps.Tight hugs to both of you. Cheers 🙂

P.S : “This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.” You can view the Vicks Vaporub #HugYourDad video here.

Giridhar – A loss because of the negligence of industrial safety

I have still not come out of the news about the Chennai techie’s death as an iron rod fell on him when he was crossing the metro rail construction spot in GST road, Chennai. This news was being telecast and I watched it during my lunch at my office. Everyone’s reaction was that the rider would not have worn helmet or would have not obeyed signal.

But on reading the article here and from other news dailies, I did understand that Giridhar (the victim) was wearing his helmet and the ground safety was neglected by the CMRL workers. It is so haunting to know about his background. Giridhar is the only bread-winner of his family who is survived by his aged parents and a pregnant wife. He had fought for his love and had succeeded by marrying his lady-love Uthra on Aug 27, 2014. It’s hardly a year he got married. His wife is carrying his baby and their baby shower happened a month back and his wife is in her mom’s place. Can the lack of responsibility by the metro rail workers bring the dedicated son, lovable hubby and a to-be father back to the family?

I can’t even think about his parent’s situation. Bringing up their son for 30 years, seeing him study well, earn well, build his home before his marriage, marrying his love and when they are enjoying all these and are waiting for the day to hold a kid from that son in a month’s time, this incident would have shattered them. Least they would have known that their son was bidding them the last good-bye when he started to office that day.

His wife’s condition is much worse. She was in love with him. They had fought hard with their parents to get married and they had achieved it. She is nine months pregnant and is in her mom’s place. As any other woman, she would just be waiting for the day to deliver her baby and join her hubby and rejoice parenthood. Who knows what plans they had for their kid? It’s all shattered. I am praying that the kid should not be blamed by the society. I just pray that the victim’s family gets more strength to cope up with this loss.


I know people call me weak hearted and an emotional fool. But I don’t bother about it. My heart did bleed when I read the news. I just did put myself in his place as I ride across the metro rail construction sites, I am a son, a husband and a father and I have my responsibilities. I can’t even imagine this happening to my family.

It’s not only in this site in particular but in many other metro rail construction sites and mass building construction sites, the industrial safety is a big question. In this case, the engineers who are responsible are fresh graduates. Though the official from CMRL contracted firm says that they had mandated safety, did they ever inspect sites and confirm that? There is no legal body to regulate and mandate rules for CMRL construction. I doubt is there is any general body to set rules for construction sites.  Though the officials claim that it is mistake of the engineers present there, how can they alone be blamed when there are no rules and inspection? The contract firms hire fresh graduates for low salaries and do not give prior trainings. Government officials have said that they don’t have any hands on hiring private consultants. It seems govt bothers only about experience of team leader and not his subordinates who are actually working in the site. All these lack of responsibility and negligence of safety have cost few workers’ life and now have started killing the public.

27TH_SCAFFOLDING_1156334f girder_crash_1327045g

I know very well that I am not in Delhi / Mumbai and so there will not be any candle march or protest against such happenings. I also very well know that I am in a place where even your neighbor doesn’t bother about your wellness. I read that when the incident took place, the riders who came behind Giridhar were standing still and were not even ready to come near the body after the crash and the crowd went ahead with their routine once the police came and cleared the traffic.

But I wish TN government take the responsibility in their shoulders and bring a strict law to regulate safety and cancel the contract with firms which do not mandate the same.


Bike ride in chennai – not so cool :)

Every biker in Chennai would have atleast once heard this comment from someone among the family circle or friends – “You have a bike or scooter or atleast tvs 50 na. Wats ur prob? U can fly wherever u want in very less time”. or “Hey you have bike na. Drop your aunty in station da.” or “Hey you have bike na, then why are you showing faces when I ask you to go often to the shop” or “U always roam in bike with your friends, but to take me to TNagar in bike you feel sick.”

I am a biker who drives from Anna Nagar to Taramani daily which is around 24 kms two and fro. Let me tell you the challenges travelling in my scooter to work and back to home or travel to a shopping complex. Before I begin let me explain about my scooter. He is in shades of grey and his name is activa. Loyal he is that he has been carrying me everywhere i wished to go since October 2011. I have felt very bad when he got his first scratch and still I feel bad when I drive in a bumpy road of Chennai (Pls dont remind me that most of the roads are so and I feel die with that guilt 😉 ). At times he had got dents due to the careless drivers on streets and few times due to my mistake. And last but not least he had managed to carry me all thru my weight gain and he has been loyal to carry as my family grew from 2 to 3 🙂 Ok, now the readers who think that “Honda activa ku ivlo build up ah?” (So much build up for just Honda Activa), my reply is simple “teda hai phir be mera hai” (konala irunthaalum ennudayathakkum).

honda activa

Ok, here I tell you why the riding in Chennai is not fun :

Chennai traffic : The biggest challenge is driving through traffic of Chennai especially for me as I have to cross all main areas of Chennai starting from Koyembedu, Vadapalani, Ashok pillar, Ekkaduthangal, Guindy and Velachery to Taramani. The chennai bikers have the in-built GPS that our memory had stored. Search for small lanes around and drive through them. Even if you dont know the path it would take you to some main road. Connect from there. OR follow some random motorcyclist who takes a small lane and he should definitely be taking to the traffic free main road. Sometimes even the footpath becomes your way to drive. “Where there is a will there is a way” is saying apt for bikers in chennai.


Handling cyclists, auto walas and pedestrians : India unfortunately doesnt have any seperate  cycle lanes and so the cyclists are in their flow wherever they get space. Honking them is like the movie dialogue “playing fiddle behind a buffalo”. Pedestrians dream on roads and doesnt follow any rules. From somewhere suddenly one guy ll come and if he is hit, your day ends there. Auto walas would compete with bikers in every nook and corner. They have fun in blocking the small paths which bikers take to go ahead in traffic signals. And unfortunately bikers are the ones who often have to hear “O**ha” et all other abusive words in chennai for anything and everything.

traffic chennai

Escaping Police mamas : Next challenge is the police mamas who will be waiting to collect maamul (bribe). Suddenly there will be a police who will jump your way and tell you to corner your vehicle and he will take your bike key. Inspite of showing papers and wearing helmet he will tell some junkiest reason to get 100 rupees from you. Carrying cards and less money is best way to escape from this mamas. If you want to escape take the extreme right lane to avoid getting held.


Get dusty : Dress up well, do how much ever make up you want , put perfumes but if you are driving in a scooter in chennai, you will end up looking horrible at your destination. So even guys (gals always do) in chennai end up carrying a kit containing face wash, perfume, wipes in their bag to look better at the destination. Dont think that you look like a hunk with all dust, it happens only in ads. These pics depict the state better.

vidya_balan_makeup   sharukh

Chennai heat : Even after you say ok for all the above, beating chennai heat is toughest. Sun has so much love towards chennai that he never allows the city to cool down. And since the mercury never drops travelling long distance in bike invites health issues from dehydration to stroke. So carrying water bottles, buttermilk etc etc is only choice and resulting in huge luggage even to office making us feel like we are going for some trekking.


So to all dears and nears, I just want to say that we struggle a lot to drive scooters or bikes in Chennai city. Just by watching Gautam menon or Maniratnam’s movies, please dont decide that if we drive out we are having a breezy ride. I can hear few commenting now in comedian santhanam’s tone – “Appo neenga fulla cover pottukittu thaan poganum”.


If you plan to advice me to take an alternative, PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU ARE BUYING ME A CAR ? ) 🙂 🙂