Being victims of film reviews

In this era of criticism, the day a movie releases everyone in the theater is tweeting or posting their reviews in all social networking sites. U know the best scene, worst scene, everything about the movie being at home or at work. The movie reviewers are so grateful to the makers that they don’t tell the climax openly and ask the readers to watch the film in theaters. Every review ends with comments on few technical aspects from the movie.

I used to be a movie buff earlier and would also comment on movie but it would be few lines and I would humbly tell that it is my opinion. Watching a movie and liking or disliking it is completely a personal choice but forcing it on people by talking all negatives about it in social networking site is not so good. Actress Suhasini said in the Ok Kanmani launch to media- ” If a person knows to grab the computer mouse, then they think that they can review a movie.” Lot of social networking reviewers were hurt by that but it is true to some extent. Every Friday night my Facebook wall, twitter page loads with the reaction from people who have watched the movie released and they try to showcase their personal opinion as the reaction from the whole lot of audience.

I read reviews before going for a movie. If you are one like me, lets change ourselves now. I have understood this after being victim of missing these two wonderful movies at theaters because of the reviews and controversies  – “Uttama Villian” (news articleand “PK” (news article). Both the movies had been portrayed as displaying hatred towards Hinduism. When people criticized Uttama villian as a worst movie from Kamal and PK for Aamir Khan’s hatred towards Hinduism, the movies are way high from all these criticism and have something else to deliver to the audience.

Uttama Villain beautifully talks about the life and death in a commercial cinema and Kamal in his own way have displayed the transformation from the hero life to the life he takes after being diagnosed by tumor in the movie and fulfilling his responsibilities before his death. The “Hiranya Ndagam” which is quoted to be hurting Hindu’s feelings does come only for few minutes and as in any Hindu dharma only the truth and good triumphs there. If Kamal would have captured a bad guy disguised as god winning the game that would be have been stupidity but what Kamal has portrayed seems to be in the right sense.


PK on the other hand enlighten us about the god who created us and the god we create. Yeah I know that the major criticism is on Hindu God-men but the fact is that the Hindu god-men are more in north India and so to make the audience connect easily the director would have had the character as Hindu god-man. The major takeaway from the movie should be believing in the god who created us and not the ones whom we create.


I have decided that I will watch the movies and then decide if I like it or not, rather hearing it or reading about it from people around me. At the end of the day, its we as a person who knows about our taste of movies 🙂

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