Maggi Meri jaan

When the ladies at home are bored with cooking regular food, when hostel doesn’t provide food, when you are hungry at midnight after watching a movie or having fun with your friends, when it rains heavily and you want to make a mouth-watering hot dish, when wife is out of station and you want to prepare your breakfast, when you are alone and lazy to cook, the only thing that would tickle our mind would be MAGGI, the savior.

To many indians, MAGGI did introduce the world of noodles. Easy to prepare and amazing taste in affordable price. There was even a joke during my school days – Whenever elders advice you that you wont get best things without hard work, the students would chuckle and say we get Maggi. That was the craze it brought into everyone’s life. I would say it was the PIZZA or french fries or KFC chicken bucket of 90s. Though there were lot other competitors in the field of noodles manufacturing , Maggi had its own reputation by coming up with health trends like introducing Atta noodles, oats noodles which every health conscious guy who have purchased.

And suddenly in the life of Maggi came a twist. Maggi now faces “hero turns villain” moment. Delhi govt suddenly got a gyan to test Maggi’s authenticity and found that it has higher rate of lead content and MSG (monosodium glutamate).

Ok so as a Maggi lover, I have few questions:

Why suddenly this test was conducted and suddenly you raise voice against Maggi? The test is said to be done on the Maggi samples which expired by Nov 2014. Why do the shops keep expiry products ? How many of us buy any product seeing expiry date? Do you know what is MSG ? Everyone knows the food with preservatives is unhealthy and why the Indian food society is not banning them? Is the tests being done on the noodles from other manufacturer?

I accept that this is health issue and needs concern but I also doubt if it could be just another media hype. And the most ridiculous part is blaming the actors for endorsing Maggi and issuing warrant to arrest them for endorsing. Actors act in advertisements for money. They don’t force you to buy a product and also since you are their fan it is not must to buy the product they endorse.

Nestle has a FAQ about this criticism which no media highlighted and to read it click here.

Now coming to the point why I came up with this article is the confusion at home since I have few MAGGI packets. Shall I prepare and eat it or not 😉


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