Wow what could be more special than a mention about you by your fren in their blog ??? This lady has been my fren, sister, motivator, guide and watever you wanna add to it. Thank u so much Narmi. This means a lot 🙂


Mother is the human God who gave us birth. Parents and siblings – this is the family we were brought up. Once grown up, spouse and kids become our new family and life. All these characters are so emotional and vital in a human’s life. But , from where comes this so called “friend” who becomes so much important in everyone’s life ? Some friends would just be known to us for few days, months, or few years, but why ? A friend gets so much importance in anyone’s life or this “Friendship” makes us so attached ?

After a long thought process of gyan, I realized, “Once we are born, parents try to bring the best in us and try to correct our mistakes and change our negatives into positives, push us towards success on everything to make our life perfect. A spouse and child are those for whom we try…

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