Rewind : My favourite 25 Kollywood songs of 2016

My top 25 kollywood (tamil) songs of the year 2016:

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Simple hacks to make your kid carry your dreams !!!

There are few memes and forward messages that are making rounds in social media comparing the contradictory message that Aamir khan conveyed through his movies ‘3 idiots’ and ‘Dangal’. In brief, ‘3 idiots’ convey the message of allowing the kids to choose their career themselves while in ‘Dangal’ he had portrayed the role of a dad who wants to fulfill his dream through his kids.

Isn’t there a confusion for the followers especially who are parents? The present generation parents already have so much to get confused with the options and opportunities available and the movies add their part to it. So can we completely leave the decision to the kids to choose the interest? Are we expert in each field to decide which is best of the kids? Does mind and heart sync in a decision made? There are never ending question which doesnt find a conclusion.

How to hack this and try to make your kids carry your dreams?

  • Sow interests: From infancy involve your kid in the activities that are around the interest. For e.g, if you want your kid to be a musician, make him/her to listen music a lot, if you want them to be a swimmer take them with you to swimming pool when you swim. Encourage them to participate with you.


    • Provide options: Show videos or take them to various options that you would like your kid to establish. Allow them to choose from that. It gives you an internal peace too.


      • Never force : Now say that your kid has chose an interest on the option you had provided and you have enrolled them to the classes but the classes doesnt seem to be as interesting as they would have wished or have assumed, then do not force them. Try to find if the lessons are not interesting so that you work on it or try to find a better teacher who can make the lessons interesting.

        • Motivate: Do not threaten the kids if they are not interested to take the course.Its better to sit and make them understand the good results the talent would bring them or show them the legendary works and motivate them to have them as their idol and acheive.

          • Dont take it to heart: Even after doing all the above, your kid doesn’t seem to show enthusiasm or interest, do not get offended or complain. Take it easy. Try to understand that it might not be their cup of tea. Work to know what excites them and try to make them excel on the same rather trying to impose your interest on them.

            P.S : These hacks are just to give a try to make your kids carry your dreams and to attain mental peace 🙂