Unanticipated Gyan #6

“Every success story has seen a lot of failures first and applied the learning from the failure to move ahead. It would not have been a success story, if they wouldn’t have moved ahead of the failure.”


The characters of the movie Bahubali and their resemblances with the epics

Did you watch Bahubali?
You liked it?
It is the BO hit now.Do you know the collection in the first week?


The BAHUBALI fever has stuck everyone irrespective of languages the movie is being watched and the story is no way new to Indian audience. Wait.  What i said? Story is not new to Indian audience. Yes i said that. We have 2 great epics Ramayana and Mahabharata and I see a lot of inspiration drawn from the epics in the characters of Bahubali.

SIVAGAMI (Ramya Krishnan):
The boldness of SIVAGAMI should have be drawn from the characters of Sathyavathi , the step mom of Bhishma who in spite of losing her husband and her sons , boldly ran the kingdom of Hastinapur with the help of Bhishma who protected her at that period of time.


KATTAPPA (Sathyaraj):
The character of Kattapa does show the respect and sincerity of Bhishma in Mahabharata. Though Kattappa could have acted against Sivagami using his power and could have taken over the kingdom of Magizhmathi but he was faithful and kept his words like Bhishma.


This character is handicapped, possess inferiority complex, doesn’t have power in the kingdom and so trains his son to gain power. It is clearly the character of king Dhritarashtra.This character also has flavor of Shakuni that works with cunning ideas.

bijjala deva

BHALLALA DEVA (Rana Dagubatti):
This character is clear portrayal of Duryodhana and Ravana. Like these epic characters,  he has not been accepted by the Devasena (Dhuryodhana and Ravana have failed in the test to marry Draupadi and Sita), he didn’t get proper recognition for his talents because he had cruel intentions and though equally talented compared to his peer he is denied power and so did create a master plan to gain power.

ballala deva

BAHUBALI (Prabhas):
This character could be inspired from Pandavas or in particular Arjuna. This character is close to heart for Kattappa like Pandavas were to Bhishma. Also we are able to know from scenes that Bahubali married Devsena competing with Ballala like Arjuna won the test to marry Draupadi. Bahubali became prey to the cunning plan of Ballala and his father and was killed.


DEVASENA (Anushka Shetty):
Her character shows the shades of Sita in ashoka vanam. She is dressed up in clothes that is torn. She wants to take revenge against Bhallala and as Sita was waiting for Rama here she waits for her son to rescue her. Also the scene which has Shivadu coming into the palace and burning curtains is portrayal of Hanuman burning Lanka. And when Ballala talks to her saying she could have married him and escaped this suffering it is taken from the scene where Ravana tells Sita the same.


SHIVADU (Prabhas) :
He is the main character who has come to rescue Devasena. His character is sketched similar to Lord Krishna. He is born as prince and is adopted by tribes, who is naughty as a kid and saves his biological mother from being jailed without knowing anything about his birth until he rescues his parents.


AVANTIKA (Tamanna Bhatia):

The love of Shivadu has very light shades of Sathyabama who is also a warrior and fights with Krishna initially but ends in falling in love with him.


Not only the characters are inspired from the epic, I also want to register another impact this movie has created is on women empowerment. When everyone in the film industry talks about it, director S.S.Rajamouli has silently created strong female characters in this movie as in the epics and the drive the story completely. Hats off S.S.Rajamouli.

Waiting for Baahubali , the conclusion.

What would be my advice to Gen Next ?

What would be my advice to Gen Next ?

When times change, the thought process also changes. As many of my friends and relatives know, I was never forced into anything by my parents. They gave me enough freedom but with few fears which I call as “middle-class mindset”. There was always a CAUTION board raised when I did something but it is all because of the excess love and the fear of them that I should not fail in what I try.

Now I have responsibility to raise my son and my wife tells me that he should possess all the good values that we have. So I thought I would modify the advice Gen X gave me (Gen Y) to fit the mentality of Gen next :

Gen X: Learn to be polite and respect everyone around.
Gen Y: Learn to be assertive and tell your opinion firmly. Respect elders and more importantly respect yourself.

Gen X: Concentrate more on studies because they are going to get you paychecks.
Gen Y: Concentrate on studies as well as your passion. Your passion might get you paychecks and keep you happy.

Gen X: Keep yourself and the place you live clean and tidy.
Gen Y: Keep yourself, the place you live, your surrounding and everywhere clean and tidy.

Gen X: Dont take risk. Play it safe.
Gen Y: Take risks. Have plan B always for worst case. You have one life and you shouldn’t feel for not attempting something you wished to do.

Gen X: Give priorities to your academics than games. You can play whenever you want.
Gen Y: Academics are important and so is fitness. Allocate time on your favorite sport.

Gen X: Have fear on almighty. He will punish if we do not follow the rules.
Gen Y: Love the almighty. He doesn’t punish us but he does teach us the right and wrong.

Gen X: Over confidence is not good for progressing or excelling. So don’t have much confidence.
Gen Y: Have confidence in whatever you do. It might take you places. You may fail on something you were confident about but you will not regret for not doing it later.

Gen X: Dont be adventurous.
Gen Y: Be adventurous once in a while. You will know the value of life.

Gen X: Be happy with what you have and be contended.
Gen Y: Be happy with what you have but fight to get more. Let it not be to prove anybody or to live a luxury life.

Gen X: You need not do anything for the society. First think about you then you can think about society.
Gen Y: Be socially responsible. You need not take an effort for this.

Gen Y (we) always argued with our parents on why we should follow their advice. Gen next are born smart and have access to everything in the world in their finger tip. I hear from few friends whose kids are now in 1st to 5th grades telling their kid doesnt ask them about anything but they simply land up in search of what they want in google. But as any other parent I feel its my responsibility to give away my learning to my kids and slowly I see that I am getting the fear which my parents would have got when I grew up.


Mera Naam Mary Hai – Enjoy listening !!!

“Mera Naam Mary” – I listened to a few seconds version of this song couple of days back and was waiting to hear the full version. Finally my Wynk app winked today morning at me with this item song sung by Chinmayi Sripada with the sensuous pose of Kareena Kapoor.

This song instantly got me to dance and you wont believe am stilling murmuring the song at office hours making my cubicle mates to stare weirdly at me. Munni, Shiela, Jalebi bhai, Fevicol se, Chikni Chameli are gone after hearing this song. As a music lover though I hear variety of music daily, the Bollywood item numbers are catchy and boost my energy (on listening ;)) instantly. So “Mera Naam Mary” obviously gets added to my playlist named “Boost up”.

About the music, though the song starts with the tune of “Naan adicha thaanga matta” from the tamil movie Vettaikaran it picks up the usual bollywood item number beat. I went thinking for quiet sometime if Chinmayi had rendered voice for any item number earlier and “Mayya Mayya” didnt strike me for long time as ARR had used her voice differently in that with shades of Arabic. “Mera Naam Mary” is very direct bollywood item number for her and I guess she might get more offers after this in Bollywood with similar journo. Atul-Ajay, the music directors of this song are also the music directors of “Most popular song of 2012 – Chikni Chameli” from Agneepath and hence this song should have been a cake walk for them. I am eagerly waiting to hear the complete album. So for now, lets get introduced to Mary.

MEra naam Mary

So what are you waiting for????

Click here to listen to full song and am sure if you like dancing your foots are not going to stay stiff 🙂

You can watch the official video of the song here.