Faking It

Till date, the women rights activists, the so-called feminists and the media were raising their voices when someone blame a woman for the rape, when someone talks about the dress a woman should wear in public and anything against women. When the gender equality is being the talk of town, the question arises in my mind is, is that only for woman? From Rohtak sisters to Jasleen Kaur, today any woman can throw a shit on man and reach the hall of fame in social media. But is it really worth? And the social media members and the ‘great’ indian media jump into conclusions asap and call him pervert and defame the guy and his family. He is arrested, kept in jail, his family is brought into limelight, the journalists treat them as shame to the country. Where is it going man? Even after the claims are proved fake, not even a single media member or channel talks about the false claim done and never do they feel shame or sorry for their deed. They just run behind another fake case and try to fulfill their hunger for TRPs.

The country where cases like Nirbhaya has taken place and caught the attention of public on women safety is also the place for crime against men. When few file cases for fame, few do to take revenge. The following statistics of fake rape allegation on men in Delhi reported by National commission of Women from April 2013 to July 2014 is really shocking:
In 2012, out of 680 cases 312 cases have been proven as fake.
In 2013 , out of 1,559 cases 1,216 cases have been proven as fake.
In 2014 , out of 1,253 cases 900 cases have been proven as fake. 

(Courtesy : http://www.dnaindia.com/)

A month ago, in a Facebook group that I am part of, had a woman posting a video claiming of verbal abusing and teasing. The 2 minutes video had just loud music from her car and the biker was seen only for 2 seconds. The biker was driving normally. The allegations she made on the man was not recorded in the video. When the group members started questioning her more and asked her why she didn’t lower the glass and ask what he was telling or stop the car in a signal and get hold of him her answers were really stupid. She ended up saying her father is in a higher post in police department and she will file a complaint. She was trolled for the post as she was trying to get a fake publicity.

When the Indian government had framed laws to safeguard women and  it really gives a sense of agony when we hear the women misusing law against men. Unfortunately there is not even a single law in India to support men or atleast to punish women who misuse the law against men. If the men who molest women are harmful to the society, so are these women who try to threaten or spoil a man’s life by giving false criminal complaint against him.

I always have a huge respect for women and would always lend my support for them to grow strong in the society. But at the same time, I am not able to handle this as a man. I dont want to generalize here. I understand that if Raavan do exist then Surpanakas too exist.

To all Jasleen-s who are trying to gain false publicity

Dear ladies,

Women are considered to be the beautiful creation of god. Women have immense mental strength and strong will power. I wish you utilize them properly at your work because the fame you get for your work will really make you feel great than the temporary fame you attain through social networking sites. You would very well have seen that the number of supporters you had when you put fake complaint against men in social networking sites is less than the haters you gain at the end. Please don’t try shortcuts to fame as there are more number of deserving girls who are fighting to reach the hall of fame by their work. You are not only adding shame but also seeding a disbelief in the minds of public by such act. Tomorrow if a girl is truly affected, people would not believe her first. Hope you understand.

Thanks !!!


The Betrayal

It was today that Mahesh was supposed to get married. His parents are still not out of the shock. Mahesh’s mom keeps weeping all her day and his father is speechless. Tears rolling down his cheeks, Mahesh keeps repeating “She could have told me earlier. Why did she cheat me?”

Mahesh met Ishu 3 months back along with their families and the marriage was fixed the same day. It was a pukka arranged marriage. As every newly engaged couple, they dated each other and got to know them better. Mahesh was always enthusiastic while Ishu was very grounded. Mahesh wanted Ishu to get everything the best and so he arranged everything the way she liked. He bought a new flat and designed the way she wanted it to be. He made all arrangements for them to live in the flat. Though the flat got ready a month ahead of their wedding, he didnt start living there. He wanted to step into the home with Ishu. Mahesh even volunteered to share the wedding expenses as Ishu had once told him that her father is struggling to arrange money for their marriage. Ishu loved Mahesh and she was so much caring towards him too.

It was bright morning last week. Mahesh’s phone rang loudly displaying the caller as Private number. Mahesh lazily woke up and saw the time. The clock stuck 9:30. Lazily he woke up and picked the call. The caller didnt wait for Mahesh to start the conversation. The voice said “Ishu is marrying her boy friend today at the City registrar office at 11 a.m. Come and wish her luck” and the line got disconnected. Mahesh felt hard to rewind what he heard. His head was aching like hell as the result of previous night’s bachelor party. He immediately called Ishu but her number was not reachable. He refreshed himself and made a coffee. Sipping the hot coffee, he dialed Ishu’s number again. It was still not reachable. He quickly opened Whatsapp and found her last seen was few minutes ago. “Should I call her home? Will this be true? Nah nah. This should be some prank call. We had spoken before I went to the party yesterday. She was romantic and wanted to talk for few more minutes but these guys pulled me into the dance floor. She had even sent few kisses emoticons.” . The thoughts kept running in loop in his mind. Though his heart sai it would be a prank call, his mind made him dial Ishu’s home number.


“Hello uncle. Namaskar. I am Mahesh here.”

“Namsakar Namaskar. How are you?”

“I am good uncle. I could not reach Ishu on her mobile and so I dialed to landline. Can I talk to her?”

“Sure Sure. Here she comes.”

Mahesh was able to hear his to-be father-in-law telling Ishu that it was call from Mahesh in all hush hush sounds.

“Hi Mahesh. What happened? All fine?”

“Hey Ishu. Yeah baby. All is well. Where is your mobile? Its not reachable since morning.”

“Uff. I am so Sorry. I had kept it in the hall and you know there is no network coverage. And why do you sound very tensed. Wait I will call you from my mobile in sometime.” said Ishu disconnecting the call.

Mahesh waited for an hour and he didnt receive a call back from Ishu. It was 10:30 a.m. He called her home again.

“Hello” said his to-be mother-in-law.

“Hi aunty,Namaskar. I am Mahesh.”

“Hello Mahesh ji. Namaskar. How are you?”

“I am good aunty. Where is Ishu? I am not able to reach her mobile.”

“Oh she just now left home. I guess she has went to meet her friends for inviting them for the wedding.”

“Ok aunty. Not a problem. Please ask her to call me once she is back.”

Mahesh disconnected the call with his heart beat increasing. “She wont do this to me.” He kept repeating this in his mind. He became restless and didnt know what to do. Taking a deep breath he decided to go to the registrar office. He took bath and dressed up but his mind kept saying “Its not right to doubt Ishu. She is my wife and she loves me a lot. Its crap to doubt her just based on a prank call.” And this thought stopped him from leaving to the registrar office. It was 10.50 a.m when he got a call from the private number again. The same voice spoke.

“Hello Mr.Mahesh. You still at home relaxing and thinking Ishu will be yours? She is going to get married in 10 minutes.”

“Hey you bloddy a**hole. What do you want? Why are you confusing me? Who are you? You coward calling from a private number. If you have guts call me from your original number.”

“Ha ha ha. Its not cowardness Mr.Mahesh. Its just a safety measure to prevent you from stopping my marriage. I am going to tie the knot to Ishu in 10 minutes. Do whatever you can? Good bye.”

“Hey **** ***** **** “…. Mahesh shouted out at the guy on the other side but it didnt reach the caller as he had already disconnected and the beep sound was only heard by Mahesh.

Mahesh called Ishu’s house and told the information and told them to come to registrar office. He rushed in his bike to the registrar office and it was already 11:15 a.m. Ishu’s parents and her brother reached there at same time. Gasping and feeling tough to breath, Mahesh ran inside the registrar office. Ishu’s brother followed him. Mahesh would not have even dreamed till few seconds back that he would be cheated by the girl whom he thought would spend rest of his life with, by the same girl on whose wish he designed the flat where they planned to stay after marriage, by the same girl who spoke with so much love and care half an hour back, by the same girl who promised him so many things post wedding.

Ishu and the man, who should have called Mahesh were standing right in front of Mahesh and Ishu’s family with all smiles and in the newly wedded look. Seeing her family and Mahesh, Ishu tightly held the hand of her new husband. Mahesh couldn’t understand if it was real. He found his whole world crumbling down in front of him. He just froze. Ishu’s mom was first to react. She just ran and rose her hand to slap her daughter who had shattered the dreams of everyone around. A police officer got hold of her hand and warned her that any violence against Ishu and her husband would land them in jail.

Mahesh and Ishu family had no choice but to allow them to go happily. Mahesh left the place immediately not uttering a single word. He didnt know how to convey this to his parents who are old and sensitive. He didnt know how to face his friends who are counting days to enjoy his wedding. He didnt know what his life is going to be without Ishu.

P.S : This is a true incident that has happened to my friend and would also have happened to one of your associates. There could be lot of guys who are facing criticism or insult because of such girls in their life. If the same would have happened to the girl, everyone would have got agitated and would have tried to bring it to lime light by making police complaints and media would have covered it adding more spice to the news. But when it happens to a guy like Mahesh, it is just supressed. He doesnt even have rights to go and complaint against her in India as the law is always in favour of women. I am not against it but I just wish the law could be not biased based on gender.

crimeagainst men

Happy 69th Independence Day

I wanted to share this video which is written & performed by : Priyam Redican and released by the youtube channel Being Indian. Priyam has wonderfully wrote what is freedom and have told it through the tricolor flag of India which is called as Tiranga in hindi.

Lets understand our freedom and act responsibly.

Happy independence day to every Indian on Aug 15th, 2015.

Kamini (Story through Raja Ravi Verma’s pictures)

Kamini was a software professional working in a MNC.


She lived a carefree life.


She had her own gang of girls with whom she spent time at work and at hostel.


As years passed by,she was stressed by her work. She badly needed a break from the mechanical life.


She was also left alone as her friends were getting married and going away with their life.


She wanted to fall in love as her friends and want to do get married to her love. So she started looking for her man.


Her first try was her manager. She had crush on him for long time. She proposed him but he didnt accept her proposal and it ended in vain.


At the same time, she got a proposal from her team mate who had come for a break from on-site location.


Kamini was so excited about getting married to an onsite guy. She made love to him in the woods as he requested.But after the one night stand he escaped.


Vexed by this affair, she lost interest in her love life.

images (1)

Somehow knowing about this affair, a top management guy tried to woo her, but Kamini didn’t repeat the same mistake.


She had a good friend at work who was an emotional support to her after her breakups.


When she gave a break to this love finding game, her mom found a match for her who was the son of a wealthy businessman.


Kamini liked the guy and the proposal got fixed. One day he took her to a long drive and tried to force her for a pre marital relationship which she liked and so she called off the wedding.

Raja Ravi Varma Paintings collection Photo  12

She was so disturbed about things not happening in favor of her. She took a stroll to the nearby park, where she met Ravi verma.


Kamini and Ravi verma fell in love in first sight.


Ravi verma agreed to marry her immediately and thus Kamini’s dream came true. She married her man, Ravi verma.


They lived happily ever after.


A day in the life of a rag-picker – “Suriya”

A day in the life of a rag-picker – “Suriya”

Suriya,  9 years old lived with his mom Gauri in the slum area near the Coovum river in Chennai city. Gauri was working as maid in the few houses near the slum and her income was very less that she found it very hard to run the family. Her husband Durai had died in an accident when Suriya was 1 year old. All the savings had been taken away by Suriya’s paternal grandparents and his uncle.

So Suriya didn’t have a normal childhood but he enjoyed what he had. Suriya would go with his friends to pick rags around the city and contributed to the family income. His income depended on the things he would get. His maximum income a day would not cross 10 rupees.


This day was not a usual day for Suriya. His mom was ill and so she couldn’t go to work. Suriya’s friends went to some camp organised by a NGO and so he was all alone. “Amma,  I shall be with you. Noone is joining me to pick rags today.  I can’t go alone.”  said Suriya in a pleading tone to Gauri. “Dont worry da. Amma will be fine. Please go and at least earn 10 rupees so that tonight you can eat in the government canteen.”  Suriya was fond of Chapati and the side dish kuruma that was available in the government canteen. So he left home wishing that he gets lots of rags because he didn’t have any competition today. So whatever he picks is his. He decided to go to a posh locality close by, which his friends usually hesitated to go because of the illegal activities that happened in a dilapidated factory that was on the way.

When Suriya was about to cross the factory,  he saw Raj coming towards him in his Royal Enfield bike. Raj had been the budding yet influential politician in the area where Suriya lived. Suriya hated Raj because he has heard Gauri always telling him that Raj had taken away their insurance money which they got after his dad’s death. Suriya just walked slowly with his head down when he heard the vehicle stop by him. “Hey Suriya what are you doing here?” Raj asked in a demanding tone. “I am just going to pick rags and bottles.” Suriya replied bluntly. “Ok, ok. You should not come to these places. Take this and go home. I shall come and collect it in the evening. And don’t tell about this to anyone. Gotcha?” said Raj in an ordering tone. “I have to pick rags to make money. Mom is not well and I have to buy food from what I earn today. So please allow me to go.” asked Suriya pleading. “Take this and leave with that bag immediately. And listen don’t tell about this to anyone. Keep it safely in your sack.” said Raj giving Suriya a 500 rupees note. Suriya happily got the money and the bag Raj gave him.  Tucking it inside the sack he carried,  Suriya walked back to his slum.

Gauri was washing vessels when Suriya reached home. He happily gave her the 500 rupees note that Raj gave him and kept the sack inside. Seeing 500 rupees from Suriya,  Gauri was dumbstruck because it was not even one hour since he left home and managing to make 10 rupees per day was a bg deal for him. Furiously Gauri went to him and asked – “Hey, how you got this money?”. “Amma that Raj uncle is a very good fellow. He gave me this money to safeguard his bag. I have kept it in the sack.  Don’t tell about this to anyone. He will come and collect in the evening. ” innocently saying this Suriya ran to play with his friends. Gauri suspiciously went and opened the sack. She saw a yellow bag inside and she was worried about what would be inside. Slowly she took it out and opened the bag. Her eyes opened vividly and she started sweating heavily. Fastly she closed the bag and hid it in between their clothes on the shelf. Hearing the call of Suriya,  she wiped her face and came out of the house. “Ammaaaaa ammmmaaa….”  came Suriya running towards her with heavy breath. “Amma amma Raj uncle,  Raj uncle….” his voice choked. “Relax Suriya. What happened?” said Gauri patting him. Suriya’s eyes seem to be displaying horror. Gauri gave him a hug and asked again. “Amma, Raj uncle has been murdered. He is lying in a pool of blood near the main road”. That was a great news for Gauri, but she didn’t show it off. “Suriya,  did you see him dead?” “Yes amma. I saw it.” said Suriya still showing horror in his eyes. “Ok Suriya. Don’t worry about it. Try to forget it and play with your friends.” said Gauri convincing him. But he didn’t seem to get convinced. “Amma what about the package he gave us? Shouldn’t we give it to his home.” she didnt expect this from Suriya. Feeling proud about her son, she consoled him saying “It is just waste papers Suriya. He helped you today to earn money.  Now go and play.  Don’t go to the main road.” said Gauri.  As Suriya was about to leave, she stopped him and asked suspiciously “Suriya was there anyone with Raj when he gave you the bag?”.  Suriya nodded his head in the gesture of telling No. A sense of relief spread Gauri’s face and happily she went inside to thank god for the insurance amount of her husband’s death that has come in this form from Raj.


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