The promising rain

Waking up kids in the morning is a huge task. Do you agree? If they are school going kid and more particularly on a monday morning is toughest. Let me tell you why it’s tough first. You yourself would be in monday blues and when you go to your bedroom after your coffee to wake up your kid, they will be sleeping calmly and peacefully. The moment we brush their hair and call them with the pet name that we address, they shall give a cute smile and cuddle into you. In this cute situation who will have the heart to wake the kid up. And then after so many attempts when you make them open their eyes, we want our kid to wake up happily isnt it? 

That’s altogether another big process. We should have a script ready to make them feel excited to wake up. When some days Chota bheem helps us, other days some news about family or events at school or someone’s birthday. There are not to be said things too. 

Today being monday all the mentioned happened at my home too. I wake up to see that it had rained early morning. I thought this shall definitely excite my son as he love rains. So i wake him up telling the story of how it rained early morning and he gets excited. He wakes up fast and runs to open the window. I help him opening the window to see stagnant water at our apartment entrance and lushy green trees. He confirms with me if the water is due to rains or overflowing tank. I gave a promising smile and said it was because of rains only. 

I felt some sense of achievement but it was all for few micro seconds. The happy expression in my son’s face changed to sorrow one. I was completely confused. Hugging me tighly and with a sad face he asked – “Daddy, why does it always rain when I sleep?”.  A week back also it had rained when he had slept and keeping that in mind he felt sad and disappointed. I quickly had to gain back my energy and with a dramatic facial expression I said pointing my fingers to the sky “Hey you clouds, if you dont rain when D is awake next time god will punish you severly. ” Seeing this my son was super happy and proud. His prayer today also had request for rains when he is awake. 

And here are the rains now. Pouring heavily, making my son happy. I write this while I am waiting at the bike parking for the rain to stop and eagerly waiting to see my super happy son. 


Cuddly cuddly sleep !!!

It was the second time in three and half years. I mark that night as one of the special nights. I didn’t sleep much that night. I was in my cloud nine and it took me some time to come out of the sweet shock and live the moment. 

Wondering what am talking about? It’s about my son and me cuddling and sleeping. Usually he doesn’t even come closer to me. He loves hugging his mumma and sleeping. I don’t know what happened that day. After his midnight course of milk, he came towards me calling daddy and hugged me and slept. The three year old son of mine has complaints about my beard which seems to irritate him when I hug him or kiss him. That day was an exception. He cuddled with me and murmured the words “love you daddy” which broke my sleep and kept me thinking if it was in real. 

I could hear him murmur in between about his grandma and grandpa. Guess he was dreaming about playing with them. He suddenly would go silent. I was just staring at the fingers that holder mine while sleeping, brushed his soft hairs, hugged him tightly because these things never would happen when he is awake as he is such a hyperactive fellow. Watching him lying down calm and quiet was really a boon.

This all lasted only for few hours and when he woke up in his sleep by early morning, he immediately gave a cry and jumped into his mommy’s arms. But I was still awake in amused…

Just a pose 🙂

Five ways to make your kid’s summer holidays interesting !!!

Five ways to make your kid’s summer holidays interesting !!!

The summer holidays for kids is nearing or would have already started for few. Isn’t it a tough job to manage kids for 2 months at home? They will be bored and hence either they would be glued to the tv or be at ground playing cricket in the scorching sun or finding ways to spend the time frivolously. Can we plan something which can make their holidays interesting?

Following are the five tips from me , to make your kid’s summer holidays useful and interesting:

1. Learn to fulfill their basic needs : When we always wish that our kids should grow up to be an independent person, they should be taught basic household work like drying clothes, ironing clothes, make coffee or tea, clean small vessels, cleaning their cupboard and arraging them, dusting house etc. How much ever your kids live a luxurious life, they should know to fulfill their basic needs and should not rely on others. So make them feel proud to do their work and encourage the same.

2. Enhance skills: Lot of institutions organise summer camps for various skills. I googled and found that there are summer camps for anything and everything from handwriting improvement to developing android apps for school children from age 5 to 16. Enroll your kid for the course matching their skill set. Few may be interested in doing a theatre course while some kids might like to learn a new skill like swimming or painting or dancing. Use this holiday effectively by sowing a new beginning or watering the growing interest in yout kid to shape their future.

3. Volunteering to social activities: Parents should be responsible first to bring up a socially responsible child. Just by telling our kids wont help the society but we should make them understand and actionable. They can volunteer to visit an old age home or orphanage all the days during their summer holidays and help the inmates in their needs. They can also find out for social activities happening around your place for cleaning up beaches or painting schools etc through internet and contribute to the same. Encourage them on the same even after their school reopens.

4. Trip to a new place: Holidays are always fun with outings or a trip but for indian cities summer outings will definitely not be enjoyable. Hence take a trip to a new place (hill station) where you can escape from the heat. If you find that not affordable, make a trip to your native village or rural area where your kids can get along with nature. The kids will definitely have to understand the life of rural people too as being in cities the kids see only the lifestyle that we are into.

5. Learn a new language: Learning a new language shall improve the creative side of the brain. Also learning a new language shall be fun for kids as that will be informative as well as exciting. Kids always wish everyone to recognise the result of every action they perform and this is easy way to gain recognition from friends and family.

Apart from the above you can encourage them in developing their reading skills, enrolling them for fitness schedules, plan for picnic with their friends and parents etc. 

Let me know if the tips were interesting. Do you have any such tips? Share it with me in comments. 

Dora the guide (explorer)

Dora the guide (explorer)

Being a dad of 3 year old, I have got into a habit of enjoying cartoon series with my son. I should admit that at times its not great to watch them, as the adult in us would nag us about other priority issues but when you see your kid enjoy the series and get inspired by them, we tend to shut the adult in us for sometime and get into the kids mode. Coming to the point, my son is a huge fan of “Dora the explorer” and he ensures that we all follow what Dora says when the show is telecasted. And it is the reason that made me to pen this blog.

I analysed Dora as an adult and found that its not just a regular cartoon series with some random jokes or action to make kids laugh. Dora is a guide and she has lessons which every adult should  also follow in the day to day life. These are the takeaway from the show for all.

Understand the problem: Dora has a problem in every episode and she has to solve it. At times we get panicked when we hear the term ‘problem’ but we should believe that every problem has a solution if we understand it completely. Dora portrays that clearly in the show. She understands the problem and its severity before she solves it.

Find a solution: After understanding the problem, Dora finds the solution to the problem. A lot of us have the tendency to jump directly into solving the issues instead of finding a solution first. We do not spend time to think about solution. Its always better to find a solution or the options to solve the problem and then go with the best solution.

Optimal use of resources: Its generally the nature of an individual to do it all by themselves. If that would have been the scenario then we wouldn’t have the monkey, the Map, the Backpack in the show.Dora teaches us to find the resource and use them wherever needed. The show also portrays not hesitate to ask for help whenever its required. The right choice of resources for the task should be made to solve the problem quickly and without hurdles. When you choose a resource, work with them as a team which shall make the work easier.

Appreciate everyone: We do not appreciate or thank people much in our day to day life when they help us. We assume that they are doing their duty. Even if they do their duty, we should appreciate or convey the regards which shall be motivating them to help more people. At the end of the day, everyone would wish for a recognition. Dora appreciates all her friends once the task is completed.

Appraise your work yourself: Do we evaluate our performances? Its really a quality to possess to be successful. Evaluating here not just should be rating your performance on a scale but could just be what you did well and what could have been well.Dora evaluates her task and finds the part of task which she likes.  

Celebrate success : Success is success no matter what is its size and we should learn to celebrate it. As adults we tend to be celebrating only huge success but fixing a small problem is also success and we should be celebrating them as well.

Do you agree with me that Dora is guide for adults as well??? 

Simple hacks to make your kid carry your dreams !!!

There are few memes and forward messages that are making rounds in social media comparing the contradictory message that Aamir khan conveyed through his movies ‘3 idiots’ and ‘Dangal’. In brief, ‘3 idiots’ convey the message of allowing the kids to choose their career themselves while in ‘Dangal’ he had portrayed the role of a dad who wants to fulfill his dream through his kids.

Isn’t there a confusion for the followers especially who are parents? The present generation parents already have so much to get confused with the options and opportunities available and the movies add their part to it. So can we completely leave the decision to the kids to choose the interest? Are we expert in each field to decide which is best of the kids? Does mind and heart sync in a decision made? There are never ending question which doesnt find a conclusion.

How to hack this and try to make your kids carry your dreams?

  • Sow interests: From infancy involve your kid in the activities that are around the interest. For e.g, if you want your kid to be a musician, make him/her to listen music a lot, if you want them to be a swimmer take them with you to swimming pool when you swim. Encourage them to participate with you.


    • Provide options: Show videos or take them to various options that you would like your kid to establish. Allow them to choose from that. It gives you an internal peace too.


      • Never force : Now say that your kid has chose an interest on the option you had provided and you have enrolled them to the classes but the classes doesnt seem to be as interesting as they would have wished or have assumed, then do not force them. Try to find if the lessons are not interesting so that you work on it or try to find a better teacher who can make the lessons interesting.

        • Motivate: Do not threaten the kids if they are not interested to take the course.Its better to sit and make them understand the good results the talent would bring them or show them the legendary works and motivate them to have them as their idol and acheive.

          • Dont take it to heart: Even after doing all the above, your kid doesn’t seem to show enthusiasm or interest, do not get offended or complain. Take it easy. Try to understand that it might not be their cup of tea. Work to know what excites them and try to make them excel on the same rather trying to impose your interest on them.

            P.S : These hacks are just to give a try to make your kids carry your dreams and to attain mental peace 🙂

            Let stars shine

            Let stars shine

            It all started that day when my wife called me to remind that we had a doctor appointment in the evening and I should come home ahead of my regular timing. The home pregnancy test did show negative few days before and we wanted to confirm with our doctor once. And it was positive but least did I know that we are going to face a new world of people who are going to compare every action and try to scrutinize every movement of our child.

            “You doesn’t seem to gain weight at all. Is your baby normal?”
            “Since you are working, i guess the baby is not getting enough nutrition.”
            “See that lady. She is also in same month of pregnancy as you. But her belly seems to be huge than yours.”

            We managed to cross the level of comparison when the baby was in the womb and were unaffected by all these as we thought this shall rest after the baby is born. But it took a new level of criticism after the birth of our baby.

            “He is not fair as you. He is wheatish.”
            “He is not chubby as you and your wife were when you were kids.”
            “Why does he cry always? See the kid of his age. They are calm and quiet”
            “Why is he getting thin day by day? See that baby. She is chubby.”
            “He is already 2 and he doesnt know to tell story? My son tells stories about Krishna”
            “Kids in his age have joined play school. If you delay then he wont be able to catch up. Look at his son, he already tells rhymes.”

            My son is 2 now and we have heard the above penned questions and comparisons. Ok now if you think that these questions are put up by aunties or uncles or grannies in social gatherings, you are wrong. Most of the times it is a close friend or fellow parents we meet who are in our same age group (28 to 30s).

            I have always felt that the kids of our generation who are born in the 80s and 90s have underwent major comparison with other kids in terms of looks, studies, jobs, marriage and what not throughout their life. The comparisons have resulted in making them either introverts or turn out to become stubborn and arrogant to defend themselves.

            I personally feel that we should not pass it to next generation. Lets stop comparing our kids with others. Let them have inspiration but that doesnt mean they need to be like them. Comparison doesnt help them succeed but instead creates unwanted hatred. If you just think once about your life when you have been compared and crucified, you will remember the hatred that been generated for that person or instance. We know that the world is competitive but definitely need not be comparitive.

            Hence I wish I could ‘Kill the Cliche’ of comparing children with each other and give them a peaceful environment to grow up.


            P.S : This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

            Thought provoking Tamil movies of 2015

            Thought provoking Tamil movies of 2015

            Recently I got to watch couple of non stereotype Tamil movies which had  messages that is very much important for the society now but unfortunately they were not very successful at box office – Inji iduppazhagi and Pasanga 2.

            We regularly hit upon atleast one friend or a relative who speaks about weight loss or looking slim. And when this topic starts at home or at workplace you suddenly can see every soul in the room giving the tips that they have read or tried irrespective of their size. Everyone of us just think to shed fat and look beautiful by following all short cuts that we read in internet or through friends. Doesn’t “You have become slim” gives more happiness than “Your salary is credited” ?  If you say ‘Yes.’ or you say ‘No. I dont care about my weight’, this movie is for you. Everyone really does somewhere deep inside wants to be the slim and trim model that we regularly watch in television or hoardings. Have we ever thought that we should be fit rather being slim ? Do we think about doing exercise to burn the extra calories or fat sediments in our body? We don’t. We actually run behind easy tips to loose weight. And hence weight loss has become a business and we fall prey for it. Every third person today has become a nutritionist and recommends you a fitness diet or shake which can shrink you but not make you fit. Just remember that !!!

            Inji iduppazhagi talks exactly about this and gives us the message that be happy how you look but be fit. If you are thinking about joining crash course for weight loss or drinking fat burning shakes then this movie should be immediately watched by you.


            Being a father of a hyper active kid who is yet to join his school, the second movie I watched was a nightmare. After watching the movie, me and my wife had a long discussion if we will be like one of the parents in the movie running to get admission in top schools and have to face all the problems that the characters in the movie face. This is not a remake of ‘Taare Zameen Par’ for your information. This movie also doesn’t talk about special kids. It talks about today’s kids who are hyper active and smart. But are we parents really smarter to tame them? Are we really intelligent to bring the best out of them? How many of us say “Let he/she decide what they want to learn”?  We want our kids to be experts in everything. They should sing, dance, play an instrument, be a cricketer/footballer, should swim and after all these should get good rank in class and also should be calm and behave maturely at the age of 5 as Mr.Swami’s son or Mrs.Shanthi’s daughter. We don’t allow them to live the life of their age. We force and confuse them according to our wishes and societies needs.

            Pasanga 2 talks about all these. It also stress upon how parents and the schools should bring the best out of children. Also what kind of education would bring out the best in today’s kids. This movie is must watch for all the parents of this generation.


            INJI IDUPPAZHAGI AND PASANGA 2 – My recommendation from the tamil movies of 2015.