Parents – Learn to appluad !!!

It was annual day at my son’s school and we had been there with our family. It was a great day as we could witness the innocent, cute kids perform to variety of events.

In the audience we were mostly parents and grandparents who had come to enjoy their kids perform in the event. The audience contained few over enthusiastic family who roared when their kids came to stage and after their performance, some enthusiastic families who went near the stage to take videos and photos of their kids performing and not so active parents who seemed to relax and watch the happening around.

At the end was the prize distribution and the school had decided that every kid shall get some gift. Though the idea was that no kid or parent should leave the event feeling disappointed, they had special prizes for few categories. And there started the storm in the over enthusiastic parents group. While contended and happy parents like me and my wife were happy and were cherishing the moment of our kid receiving his first reward and taking pictures with him, I noticed that the over enthusiastic parents were not as happy as us. 

The enthusiasm they did show when their kids performed was missing now. I saw a parent going to an extend of calling a classmate of my son, checking his prizes and comparing it with her daughter’s prize to know in which he has scored more or better than her daughter. I pitied the kid because inspite of winning prizes in many categories, she didnt even get a hug or a pat on her back. I even got to know later that the mom had forced her kid in many performances that day.

Isn’t it ridiculous? Each children is unique. Few may excel in arts and sports while few shall score in academics. Its completely on the child’s potential. The over enthusiastic parents think that enrolling their kids in as many performances or all competitions shall prove their potential. But it doesnt happen always. I am not against training a child in a field which he/she is not excelling but not at the tender age of 3 or 4. Its this age we should give them freedom to just be themselves and should  enjoy their growth by motivating them to learn new things. But the learning should not have pressure on the kids which shall create an aversion over the art. Rather it should be interesting and making them happy. As parents we should celebrate small successes of our kids today which shall help them gain confidence to reach heights tomorrow.

Picture courtesy: Google

Hope the over enthusiastic parents learn to applaud their child’s victory and help them grow to be talented children in future.