Dairy milk to diapers – The Mommy story!!! 

Every girl is her dad’s princess and is pampered a lot by everyone around but someday she has to be the queen and take care of her people around. 

Yeah this blog is about one such beautiful princess who became my queen and on how she transformed herself from a care free lady to a responsible mom. My wife K was a carefree, workaholic lady who shall be happy to spend all 24 hours at work. She used to have a hectic schedule on weekdays as she had to manage both work and home . She had no regrets about being busy. She infact loved being busy. Our weekends were crazy. Some weekends would go watching back to back movies, making wonderful recipes, singing, shopping etc while some weekends were spent just by sleeping for long hours, eating random stuffs. 

The scenario changed during the April of 2013 when the pregnancy tester stick displayed 2 lines confirming the news of arrival of our love. The girl who was care free started planning things. Though it was little bit strange as I haven’t seen her so, I felt proud. Her workaholic nature didn’t change. She used to work from home for hours. Doctor advised her not to take much stress and it was hard to believe that she stopped working late hours from the very next day. There were mood swings but she remained calm and cool. She never complained about nausea. She lived the baby kicks and used to get tensed when the baby kicks were less. Her thoughts were always only about the baby. 

In Jan 2014,our little boy came into our life. K took the role of responsible mommy seriously. From the second week of delivery she started doing everything for our son. Be it bathing, dressing etc etc, she would only do it. Her sleeping times were just 4 to 5 hours a day. I always wondered how a girl transforms to a mommy so smoothly and never complaint about any discomfort. The lady who loved watching movies back to back has a long list of movies pending to watch in her hard drive. The lady who loved sweets and chocolates have stopped eating them as her kid shouldn’t eat it. The lady who loved trying out varied dishes in restaurant has turned to be an amazing cook who cooks variety of dishes just because outside food is not good for health for her baby. The workaholic lady quit her passionate job to take care and be with the kid when he needed her. The changeover is so huge that I can’t explain in words. 

Darling K, I have seen you transforming from a care free girl to a doting mom. Salute you for the sacrifices you have made and love you a lot for all the challenges you have faced with a smiling face through this journey of motherhood so far. 


Amma , our identity

‘Amma'(the tamil way of addressing mom) is more than a word. It has so much emotions packed in it. Let it be joy or sorrow her words are enough to soothe. When the whole world would point fingers on your mistakes, she would be the one who shall stand by you to support you and motivate you showing the positives you have. The list goes on for the super human who gave her life for her children.

My mom is one such super human who has a secret passcode to my anatomy. She knows when we would feel hungry, when we would fall sick, what i need when i travel etc. She is a successful home maker who has sacrificed her life for our family and never expected anything back from us. Her emotions are always extreme, could be happiness or sorrow and again its around only us(her children). Her demands are either around us or very lighter ones. 

As any mom and son, we share the best rapport. The best skills i have today are inherited from her. Be it maintaining friendship, doing crafts, painting, music and respecting everyone. The one thing which i still try to inherit is her patience and maintaining cool. 

She is a proud grandma now. Amma’s happiness and worries have now extended to my son as well. And he gets the 200% love which makes me and my brother little jealous. He became her world now.

She doesn’t care about this mother’s day celebration or dedication. When I wished her ‘Happy mother’s day’, she just replied ‘ok da. Now allow me to cook lunch.’ Love you amma. Wish you a long life with lot of love amma.

Me, my mom and my son 🙂

Jallikattu, not just a sport but our emotion – Tamizhan da !!!

Jallikattu, not just a sport but our emotion – Tamizhan da !!!

I am proud to call myself a tamilian who is fighting for the rights to conduct Jallikattu in tamilnadu. There are lakhs of people who are fighting to remove the ban imposed on the cultural sport around Tamilnadu and across the world. Social media is flowing with the support from people from various countries.


Having said that I am not going to say why we need Jallikattu because already there are lot of articles and vblogs talking about it. I want to showcase on how cruel Peta or Animal welfare board is acting towards Tamil culture. They have only one allegation about Jallikattu and it is cruelty towards bulls. They speak about this sitting in an air conditioned room somewhere in the United states or in New delhi eating pizzas or burgers. Have they been with a farmer or a family in village who has bull, they would know the affection the family does show to the cattle. Be it the PETA CEO or any animal activist, they are just talking with what has been reported or captured in one incident. Its simply like calling all delhi men as rapist because Nirbhaya was raped in the capital or addressing all Bengaluru men as saddist for few acts on the new year eve.


I did have a quick chat with my friend Bharathiselvam, who is born and brought up as an agriculturalist. Their family is into farming and they have cows and bull at home. I felt its my duty to make the world hear from the right person who has the full rights to talk about Jallikattu.

Me : Though its ironical, just wanted to ask you if you do support jallikattu and thus protests happening for it?

Bharathi : Yes, i completely support this cause. I am so proud and happy that finally tamilians have come together to fight for a problem that is affecting farmers.

Me : Yeah thats true. It makes me so proud that people have come together even though they are not directly involved. Ok tell me from a agriculturalist point of view that why do you want jallikattu?

Bharathi : (Response as received) இது என் பாரம்பரியம், என் அடையாளம் மற்றும் என்னுடைய அடுத்த தலைமுறை நோய்னெடி இல்லாம வாழ நம்முடைய நாட்டு மாடு காக்கபடனும். Translation : This is my culture, my identity and my gift to next generation to lead a healthy life. For our next generation to be healthy, we should save our native bulls and cows.

Me : Do you have a cows and bull at home?

Bharathi : (Response as received in Tamil) நாங்களும் மாடு வளர்கிறோம். Translation : Yeah we are also have cattle at home.

Me : Thats good da. Now these animal activists are talking about cruelty against bulls and cows, so want to check how do you treat them at home. Wats ur daily activities with them?

Bharathi : (Response as received) எங்களுடைய பிள்ளைகள் மாதிரிதான் பாத்துப்போம், நான் இங்க இருந்தாலும் ஒருநாள் கூட அம்மாட்ட ஆடு மாடு எப்படி இருக்குனு கேக்காம போன் வட்சதே இல்ல. அம்மாவும் அப்பாவும் அதனாலேயே சேர்ந்து எந்த விழாவுக்கும் வரமாட்டாங்க. மாடுங்களை பாதுக்கறதுக்கு ஒருவராவது வீட்ல இருப்போம்.

Translation : We treat our cattle like our kids. Though am away from home, I shall always enquire about how the cattle is doing whenever i call home. Mom and dad will never go to a funtion together as atleast one of us should be at home to take care of the cattle.

Me : Yeah i know. Even when i came to your home, I have seen your mom feeding the cattle same time when she gave us food. I can understand the feelings. Ok tell me what is your pongal agenda? Do you send your bull to jallikattu ?

Bharathi : (Response as received) மாட்டு பொங்கல் தான் ரொம்ப சந்தோசமா இருக்கும், எங்க பக்கம் ஜல்லிகட்டு நடக்காது மஞ்சுவிரட்டுதான் நடக்கும், மதியமே மாட்ட குளிப்பாட்டி மால போட்டு அலங்காரம் பன்னி மாலையில் கோவிலுக்கு பிடிசுட்டு பொய்டு பூஜை பன்னி மாட்டு கயிற கழுத்துல சுத்திவிட்டு எல்லாரும் சேர்ந்து பின்னடி நின்னு விரட்டுவோம். எங்க மாடு நாங்க யாரும் கூட வராமலே அதுவே சரியா எங்க வீட்டுக்கு வந்திடும். வீட்டுக்கு வந்தும் இளைப்பாற்றி சாப்பிட விட்டு அப்பா திாிஸ்டி சத்தி ஊா் எல்லைல போய்டு திாிஸ்டி கழிப்பாங்க.

Translation : Maattu Pongal (a day of Pongal is dedicated to celebrate cows and bulls) is very special and gives us happiness to celebrate. We call it Manjuvirattu in our locality. We give the cattle good bath in the afternoon and decorate them with garland. The bulls are taken to temple in the evening and pooja is done for them. We then tie the rope around its neck and will shoo it from behind. Men usually try to embrace the hump of the bulls and they will be declared as winners. Our cows know our home very well and they reach us after the event. After they reach home, we will allow them to rest and then feed them. My dad shall then do a ritual to eradicate drishti or negative energy on the bull and take it to the village border to throw the drishti away.


Me : Do you think your bull being handled cruelly is good?

Bharathi : They are not cruelly handled. Others also take care of it. If there is cruelty do you think we shall send them there. I have told already that they are like our kid. Do any mom send her kid to be harmed?

Me : Good question. If there had been harm will our ancestors allowed it ? Another important question I had was have you seen any bull dying because of jallikattu?

Bharathi : In my past 30 years of my life i never seen such things. The bulls are treated like gods. I have seen people getting hurt but not bulls.


Me : What do u know about the connection of jallikattu and breeding mechanism? Do u see a connection?

Bharathi : Bull and cows are more active while manchuvirattu and jallikattu. They join with us like our brother or sister or friend and enjoy the celebration happily. The winning bull will roam around our village and is authoritative to breed with the cows, all the village people take care of the winning bull and it will be feeded by all of the villagers. We will call it as kovil kaalai (Bull that belongs to the village temple).

Me : Whats your take on people who are opposing jallikattu ? Can you make them understand why we need jallikattu?

Bharathi : Come and live with us for a month or a week, you can understood very well. Without knowing of our life style with cows and bulls dont make unneccessary words like cruelty. To taking care of our cows and bulls, my mom and dad avoid more no of functions. and they take turns to attend the functions alternatively. The people and the cattle know each other’s language. When they are hungry or need something, we can understand from their tone itself. Likewise, they know if we are talking to them with love or anger.


Thank you so much Bharathi for your time. His bull awaits the day it could play again with its friends in the field.

Dear animal activists, I would request you just one thing. Do not interfere in our culture or identity. Our tamil culture is more than 1000 years old and we have been the most loving and caring people in the world. You could see that from the way the protests are happening now in Tamilnadu. You would not heard of a theft or a molestation or a rape or any negative news from the field. We the people of Tamilnadu are well behaved and we know to preserve our heritage. Kindly do keep your concern with you and not poke your nose into our affairs.



Following is the image to showcase the difference between Spain bull fight and Jallikattu. When you call the harmful Spain bull fight as an art , why the bloody hell you want Jallikaatu to be banned?


The protesters have displayed the power of common man and have clearly conveyed that the people of Tamilnadu will not be silent everytime when there is an injustice done to Tamilnadu people. The people who are fighting to ban this sport and the judges who have passed verdict should be clear on what is happening in the field. Just with the happenings in one location, the supreme court should not derive its decision. I wish a permanent solution is drawn to this issue and hope the government would take the steps for the same. PCA should be amended and the Jallikattu should be declared as cultural sport of Tamilnadu.


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Valentine’s day special chitchat-1

Valentine’s day special chitchat-1

It’s Feb 14th – Valentine’s day, the day of celebrating love, companionship, trust and much more. Every guy/girl who had fell in love atleast once or in love would have their own memories for this day or would love to create one this day. When I was thinking what to write for Valentine’s day in my blog, the idea of having a rapid fire questions with my best friends and their husbands popped up.

To give a brief introduction about the first couple:

N & K  have been madly in love for more than a decade and have been successful in convincing their respective families to get married. They are married for 5+ years now and are parents of two wonderful kids.

This idea also made me fulfill the long pending visits to their houses. I had already planned and have fixed timings with both the couples. On the sunny Saturday morning, I first visited N & K. Being Saturday, I could see the couple being relaxed and kids playing around and especially N being so calm as her weekdays are chaotic. When I told them about this idea of mine, they both were like “Are you playing any prank”. I calmly said that this is just for my blog. It took sometime for them to realize that I am into it and then the fun started:
Me: Is your marriage love or arranged?

N & K frowns at me. N says “Dai, don’t bore us like this da.” I apologise and agree to note myself the answer for the same as “LOVE”.

Me : When did you realize you both are in love?

N got excited now and jumped to share her version first “We were just talking to each other for a few days, on my birthday I kept calling him and his line was busy and I was frustrated, later I came to know that he was trying to call me hence both phones were engaged, that craze we had on each other we realised that day …”

K gives a naughty smile on hearing the version of N and tells his version winking at N  “When I was drunk 😛 it was seamless so actually I don’t know when I realized”

Me: Tell us about your proposal. Was it how you had dreamt / planned earlier?

K & N  replied immediately with a big “Noooooooooo.” Mrs.K adds to it that “It was totally unplanned.” and looking at K  she asks ”Hey did we formally propose each other” and winks J

Me: Tell us one romantic instance which you shall cherish forever
N  once again is so exited J “I will say first, I will say first” saying this she jumps in her couch and continues “Before we got married, I was staying in a PG. On valentines day, my not-so expressive hubby (stops and winks at K  and continues to tell) called me by 12 in the night to wish for valentines day. I did not expect anything since he is not that animated expressive character (few romantic actions in terms of convincing K  and continues), he told me over the phone , “See someone is hiding below your cot” I was shit scared and when I saw , there was a teddy bear and a card wishing for valentines day. He had arranged to place it there via my room mate.. That was totally unexpected and romantic. Then I was glad over phone and he asked me to peep via the window where I could see him waving his hands. It was like a movie that moment. I could not go down to meet him but could see him by 12 in midnight… That teddy is still in our room reminding us of one of the best moments always.”. She ends her answer giving a tight hug to K.

Kissing N on her forehead  K  tells me his answer in his usual calm tone.” Too many can’t pick one, let me try. Probably the surprise birthday personal outing (series of places with water as a theme ) that she planned for me in 2013.”
For few seconds they hug each other and I had to pull them back to the conversation.
Me : Can you share with us the moment wen tears rolled your cheeks. Cud be happy or sad because of your love.

K raises his hand to answer first. N does a surprise gesture and K tells me that “Its definitely all the pain that she endured for the safe delivery of our kids.” Clearing his throat he reassures that and continues “especially the first labor that she went through as we were both nervous as any other couple about the first delivery”.

There was few seconds of silence expect for the noise the kids made around. N gives a warm smile to K and says “A month post delivery, especially after c section, I felt fat, health wise dependant, not attractive, tired always and my husband said “I love you “ to me during that time , I could see from his eyes how much he loves me … That left me speechless. A guy proposing in a romantic ambience to a lady dressed up so well can be common, but that moment left me speechless”. K responds with a assuring smile and gives a hug.
Me : Tell us one thing which you have always wanted to tell your spouse but have shyed or have postponed telling that.

K and N wanted each other to tell first and finally they decided that N would go first. I just went ahead and told that they both need not tell me, instead let them see each other and tell each other. They both agreed and here is wat they said to each other

N to K : “You are the best I have ever got in my life”


Hugssssssssssssssss. I intervened again and put forth my next question.

Me : Do you guys celebrate valentine’s day on Feb 14th.

K said “ We just wish each other. Nothing much.”  And N gave us the explanation why “Our wedding anniversary falls on Feb 20. We plan that day bigger. We just plan for a dinner outing on Feb 14.”
Me : Do you exchange gifts on valentine’s day? What have been the memorable gift.

N replies immediately without taking time that the teddy bear gift which she told us about in earlier questions is the memorable valentine’s day gift.

K takes some time. By that time, N prepares me coffee and as I finish the coffee and N is back to the couch after making some play arrangements for her kid, K sheepishly replies  “She has given a lot of gifts but can’t remember ( Men will be men)”  and gets few punches from the animated N.

Me : Whats your favorite romantic movie which you had watched so far?

Again N replies immediately. “ Its our First movie together : Kaaka Kaaka. Though its an action movie but only the romantic story line strikes our mind.”

K  thinks for few seconds and seeing N getting restless replies “So many, but based on recall value Ok Kanmani”

Me : Tell your favourite romantic dialogue from your favourite movie.

N blushes and sings her favorite song “unnai kandeneh muthal murai” from parijadham movie and looks romantically into K’s eyes. K again gives a naughty smile and says “Nee Alaga irukka nu nenaikala unna love pannanum nu Thonala” in the tone Arya says in Boss engira Bhaskaran  movie. K starts running and N follows him to give a punch when their kids join them in the fun. I take my leave there seeing the happy family.

Read the chitchat with my other friend S & A in “Valentine’s day chitchat-2


(: (: (: Welcome 2016 :) :) :)

In the last day of the year 2015, which has seen the good, bad and the worst, I was wondering what could I pen about? Should I follow the ‘N’ number of other bloggers or websites and list down the happening in the world? Or should I brag about my personal stuffs that happened in 2015? Or should I jot down the list of resolutions that I am going to take as on any other new year?

The list and the confusion never ended. I even thought that I would break the ritual of writing a blog to welcome the new year. But whatever should happen will happen and I completely believe in that. As I was casually listening to classical music today morning, I hit upon this Bharathiyar (a famous tamil poet) song. Though I have heard this lot many times, I haven’t taken the effort to understand the song deeply till I read the insight as a comment in youtube by a foreigner. For a moment though I felt ashamed ,but then the next second I beamed in pride thinking about how my beloved poet Bharathi had huge followers worldwide.

The original tamil lyric is as follows:

எத்தனை கோடியின்பம் வைத்தாய் -எங்கள்
     இறைவா!    இறைவா!    இறைவா!                
சித்தினை அசித்துடன் இணைத்தாய்  -அங்குச் 
     சேருமைம பூதத்து வியனுல கமைத்தாய்
     அத்தனை  யுலகமும் வர்ணக் களஞ்சிய
     மாகப் பலபல நல் லழகுகள் சமைத்தாய்     

முக்தியென்   றொருநிலை   சமைத்தாய் -அங்கு
      முழுதினையு முணரு முணர் வமைத்தாய்
      பக்தி  என்றொரு நிலை வகுத்தாய் எங்கள் 
      பரமா, பரமா பரமா.  

And the insight is as follows: (Courtesy : bharathiyar.wordpress.com)

There is lot more to live in this world than we all realize

We tend to get settled and satisfied with what we get now

But there is lot more there.

There is lot more height to climb and conquer.

There is no end to learning.

One school ends leading another to begin.

Hesistate not to face tomorrow, however chaotic it may sound.

For all the moral virtues you hold today, will only bestow for a better day and no lesser.

With this note, I wish everyone ‘A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR, 2016’. Lets leave all negativity and sorrow as the clock tick 12 am today and lets remember the lines above that there are so many beautiful things around us which we are blessed with. Let peace and prosperity prevail.



Stay cool like Dhoni !!!

“When we do good noone remembers it but when we do a mistake noone forgets it.”

Isnt it really true?  Especially in the case of our Indian cricketers. The day a batsman hits 100, we are all in praise of him. We take him high and celebrate him like a savior. But if the same person is not able to make it in some other match, do we spare him? We spread hatred on him in twitter, Facebook and in all possible ways which shall make the cricketer’s condition worse or he is pressurized to prove himself in his next game. Not everyone gets to handle such situation in a smooth way.

So was the situation of M. S. Dhoni , the day (Oct 11th, 2015) he lost the 1st ODI with South Africa. The social networking sites took a troll on him. But this is not new to him.  He has faced it lot many times. As few of his supporters had put up, Dhoni has more number of haters in his own country while the whole world was still by his side. The worse part was, few ex-cricketers commenting about his leadership skills and his caliber fading. Dhoni took the blame on his shoulders. “My job of a finisher is a gamble and I have to take the blame when it fails. When you bat down the order you have to take the blame. When you have finished a lot many games, people remember more about the games you have not finished,”  Dhoni told the reporters. He has always been aware that he can’t stop people commenting about his failure but can prove them wrong just by winning the next ODI. And he did it. 2nd ODI (Oct 14th, 2015) was won in MSD’s own style with a score of 92 not out and he finished the game with his stylish six.

Though this is a never ending story, I think there is a key take away from M.S.Dhoni. In our day to day life,  we face a lot of situation like this. We are cornered,  our caliber and competency is questioned, we are ridiculed, we are suppressed. We react to it through anger, hatred and hard feelings.

Wouldn’t it give us peace if we ignore all the negativity against us and just work towards proving ourselves like our captain cool?

Instead of building a wall with the hatred thrown on us and crying inside,  wouldn’t it be right to trash them and move ahead?

Captain cool MSD not just amuses us but also inspires us by his work . We love you Dhoni 🙂