FRI-FIVE (OCT 30, 2015)

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Handle with care – It’s baby’s soft skin !!!

To every parent, their kid is the top priority and giving the kids the best he/she could would always be the motto. I am a father of 1.5 year old boy. He amazes me by his cute features, his wonderful expressions and off course by his soft skin. As a parent, we do everything to treasure all these and keep my son safe from the external factors. But extra care is always given to take care of his soft skin as its very sensitive and should be protected.

We have heard numerous way to protect the baby skin or to keep it softer. From applying haldi (turmeric) powder to lotion, the list is never ending. But not everyone tells us the basic yet mandatory things to follow to protect the soft skin of our baby. The basic and important ones lie hidden beneath the other ideas that our friends and family threw on us. I just thought why not list the basic ways that we followed to safeguard the soft skin of our son, so that it can help other parents:

pampers_cosmeticsBe careful with cosmetics : From the day the baby is born, the first set of gifts would definitely be the baby products from various vendors. Before you directly use them on your baby, make sure you check the date of manufacturing and expiry. Your duty doesnt stop there. You should also check if it suits your kid. And it could be done only through trial and error method. If you see red marks or rashes stop using the soap or lotion or powder immediately. Because not all popular baby products suits every child. 

Appropriate dressing:
Dress is another gift that would pile up from the day the baby is born. We should be careful in choosing the dress based on the climatic condition and comfort of our baby. Its always advisable to make the baby wear loose and dry clothes. The fabric type could also vary based on the season. Make sure the kids dresses are washed separately and are not washed using harsh detergents. There are lot of baby laundry detergent available in the market which could be used with any few drops of antiseptic like dettol to avoid skin infections.

pamper_baby_massagePamper your baby’s skin : As we pamper the baby by all means , we should pamper the soft skin as well by giving regular massage. Try to use baby massage oil from popular brand or if you can prepare it at home by yourself it would be wonderful as you take extra effort when you are doing it for your baby. To check Indian style baby massaging, click here. After the massage, make sure to give a warm water bath so that the baby would feel relaxed. Do not forget to apply baby lotions as the skin should not be let to dry.

Use gentle wipes :
Using wipes should be given extra care as we tend to use them often in a day for all baby activities. Always prefer gentle wipes and do not use it hard on the baby skin , especially in the areas which are covered by clothes and diaper. Do examine always after you wipe the skin for rashes or red mark. And don’t forget that wipes are for external use only. 

pampers_premium_care_pantsUse Pampers: Diaper are really the gift for the current generation of kids as it helps them to sleep long and also makes the job easy for the parents. The baby diapers should be monitored always and is recommended to be changed if soiled immediately or once in 3 hours. Choose the diapers which would make your baby feel comfortable.

We recommend Pampers because “Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”

Fri-five (Oct 23, 2015)

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Stay cool like Dhoni !!!

“When we do good noone remembers it but when we do a mistake noone forgets it.”

Isnt it really true?  Especially in the case of our Indian cricketers. The day a batsman hits 100, we are all in praise of him. We take him high and celebrate him like a savior. But if the same person is not able to make it in some other match, do we spare him? We spread hatred on him in twitter, Facebook and in all possible ways which shall make the cricketer’s condition worse or he is pressurized to prove himself in his next game. Not everyone gets to handle such situation in a smooth way.

So was the situation of M. S. Dhoni , the day (Oct 11th, 2015) he lost the 1st ODI with South Africa. The social networking sites took a troll on him. But this is not new to him.  He has faced it lot many times. As few of his supporters had put up, Dhoni has more number of haters in his own country while the whole world was still by his side. The worse part was, few ex-cricketers commenting about his leadership skills and his caliber fading. Dhoni took the blame on his shoulders. “My job of a finisher is a gamble and I have to take the blame when it fails. When you bat down the order you have to take the blame. When you have finished a lot many games, people remember more about the games you have not finished,”  Dhoni told the reporters. He has always been aware that he can’t stop people commenting about his failure but can prove them wrong just by winning the next ODI. And he did it. 2nd ODI (Oct 14th, 2015) was won in MSD’s own style with a score of 92 not out and he finished the game with his stylish six.

Though this is a never ending story, I think there is a key take away from M.S.Dhoni. In our day to day life,  we face a lot of situation like this. We are cornered,  our caliber and competency is questioned, we are ridiculed, we are suppressed. We react to it through anger, hatred and hard feelings.

Wouldn’t it give us peace if we ignore all the negativity against us and just work towards proving ourselves like our captain cool?

Instead of building a wall with the hatred thrown on us and crying inside,  wouldn’t it be right to trash them and move ahead?

Captain cool MSD not just amuses us but also inspires us by his work . We love you Dhoni 🙂


Happy Navarathiri – Exhibit creativity :)

Bring born and raised at ‘The city of joy’  i.e. Kolkatha and being a Tamilian, I get to inherit the mixed qualities of a Bong and a Tamilian. So the month of October is always a special to me. Yes,  you guessed it right. It is the month of Durga Pujo and Navarathri golu.


During my childhood or the Kolkatha/Howrah days, the wait for this month would be quiet long to watch the mighty pandals raise with unique concepts every year, to watch the beautiful idols of Maa Durga, Lakshmi, Sarawathi with Vinayaka and Karthik, to enjoy mouth-watering snacks at the stalls set up in the pandals, to dance with friends and enjoy to the core. After we moved to Tamilnadu, we didnt get to see Pujo and so my concentration shifted to enhance the beauty of Golu at our home.

Durga pooja

For folks who are not aware of what it is, ‘Golu’ is the arrangement of various clay dolls or idols of gods in 9 steps to mark the Navarathri celebration which is celebrated for 9 days. Friends and family visit each other, distribute sundal (the South-Indian snack that is prepared with sprouts and nuts), sing bhajans and classical songs and have a gala time.

The nine steps golu at my home

Implementing our creativity in Golu is the special feature of this occasion. Coming from a highly creative family (as we are called by our neighbors and friends 😉 ), the Golu at my home has less clay dolls and more bead dolls which is created by my granny and my mom. Kundan rangoli, Teppa kulam (pond), the park that would have real grasses, floral decoration using waste plastic bags, various bead dolls depicting various incidents from mythology, mock village set done using used ice cream sticks are few highlights of our golu. Apart from these, we would add a new item or our idea every year. We kids have our own contribution to the golu as well. We have always been encouraged by my mom to do some creative craft to display in the golu. I remember during my childhood days,  it would be my drawings that would be hanging above the 9 steps and I would be beaming with pride when someone asks about them. As we grew up, the creativity unfolded as never before.

Teppa kolam or the pond with real grasses grown using spices and sprouts
The house setup made using cardboard and decorated using waste CDs
The flowervase using the waste icecream sticks

Me and my mom would always get a minimal budget for this celebration from my dad and we used to plan it effectively. So instead of spending it in purchasing clay dolls (purchasing a new doll every year is a custom 😛 ) which are quiet heavily priced in this season, we do brainstorm to generate ideas to make Golu that year more special and different from previous years. So the immediate effect would be on using the waste things at home. It could be a waste CD that had to be thrown out or a box which we would have got when we purchased garments or even the wall clock that had stopped working. My mom has the habit of saving such things with a foresight that it could be used creatively for Golu. So we work not just a month ago but almost throughout the year for this occasion. It would be more like a project 🙂

CD decoration
Floral decoration using waste plastic bags
Woolen dolls made by my granny

I conclude this article with my thought that, Golu is not only a celebration of joy or a community get together but above all that it is a good platform to showcase your creativity. I have been blessed with a wonderful family who have encouraged me to use my right brain. I wish every kid gets this opportunity to use their creativity and exhibit their talents in such occasions which shall invoke the interest in them to innovate new things in future.

May the goddess of courage, wealth and wisdom bless us with best things in life 🙂


LG Nexus 5x – Tech review

I came across the ad that kept popping up in,  immediately as i signed in yesterday. The contest was for #Champisback and the entries had to be about three innovative features of LG nexus 5x. Just as I did browse through internet to check about the phone specification,  the things that made my eyes widen are the following. In no particular order,

Screen size and resolution:
LG nexus 5x has a 5.2 inch screen with full HD display resolution. Definitely one of the dream phone for any smart phone user.

Camera specifications :
12.3 MP rear camera with laser autofocus and dual tone flash is a big plus. The front camera is of 5 MP.  The camera generates HDR pictures. Wah wah wah…For a blogger, i feel it would be great for me to capture wonderful pictures and selfies for my blogs as well as social networking pages.

Processing speed and battery charging speed:
The QualcommSnapdragon 808 processor is definitely going boost the performance of the smartphone which is going to have much to perform with Android 6.0. With 2700mAH battery , the charging time is also going to be quiet less and the it will last long than regular smart phones.

Ok,  so just this much? Nah.
The LG nexus 5X is gonna hit the market with Android 6.0-Marshmallow, the support for Type C usb reversible cable, fingerprint sensor support, google pay, chrome custom tab etc. Isn’t it a boon for a user of LG Nexus 5X to get all these in a competent price.


“MomentCam” – Mobile application review

For past few months, my friends who would have had a look at my whatsapp display pictures would know about “MomentCam”, as I have been inquired about the caricature pictures I created using the app. Thanks to a Facebook friend who posted about this app. I have been amused seeing features this caricature app helps me to do. This app will definitely give a fresh feel after using the regular photo editing apps and I am sure your friends would check with you about this app. And I need not say that your pictures would hit huge number of “Likes”.

About the app:

Name : MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers
Developed by : HighTalk Software Corp.
Downloads : More than 200 Million (As mentioned in the description in Google Play store and iTunes)
Supported OS : Android 4.0 or later and iOS 6.0 or later
Ratings (In play store and iTunes): 4+

“Jhakas” (What made me use this app?) : 

  • Free app and no mandatory account registration to create the caricatures.
  • Special offers on creating an account
  • Create awesome caricatures of yourself or your friends and family.
  • Create and share emoticons with your caricature or your friends and family caricature.
  • New caricature themes everyday to have fun
  • Huge amount of options to edit facial expressions, change hair styles, add head gears, change face shapes, add accessories.
  • Create comics using the caricature by adding quotes, dialogues or messages.
  • Add animated effects to the caricature image by adding snowfall, rain, sunshine, meteors
  • Easy to post in social networking sites and also can be stored locally.
  • Works smoothly in phones as well as tablets.
  • “Momies world” activities where you can post your caricature based on the theme and win prizes.

“Yeh dil maange more” (What we need more from this ? ) :

  • Multiple font types and option to change font color for the texts in text bubbles
  • Colored text bubbles
  • More animated effects
  • Performance improvements in terms of creating caricatures

“Hum apke hain kaun” (My Rating) : 4/5

My caricatures:

MomentCam_20150729_225821 MomentCam_20150802_114534 MomentCam_20150821_194451

P.S : MomentCam is the Winner of the Facebook APP OF THE YEAR 2015 AWARD

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