Writer’s block & my suggestions to overcome them

Writer’s block & my suggestions to overcome them

If you have noticed, I didn’t post any blog for quite a long time and I dont know why? Am I lazy to write or is something keeping me busy or has blogging gone down in the priority list?

Hmmm I guess its YES for all the questions above but its just not that. Did my creative side take a long pause? I fear so. I have a void feeling. I didn’t get any idea on what to write about and some kinda fear overtook me as I was not able to produce creative stuff. Yes you guessed it write. It is WRITER’S BLOCK.

I was thinking “why me???” When all my blogger friends are daily writing and publishing posts what am I doing? Infact I stopped launching WordPress app from my mobile which gave me a huge shock. 

And the worst part came to me when one of my friend referred me to their friend for writing blog content for their website. I lost my sleep that day. But I should say it was the salvation to the agony I was going through within. Though it was not a lucrative offer but I accepted it , so that I will be committed to write something and the magic worked out.

After I wrote couple of articles for them, I realised the root cause for this block in me and also found the solution which I wanted to share here.

  • Read something that will make you to think. It can be anything but should be of your interest and should make you think.
  • Start debating. If you get fellows to debate you are lucky else just debate yourself. You might get some idea to write.
  • Watch your surroundings. I started observing people or I started giving attention to even the silly discussion we have during tea time and definitely we get something out of it.
  • Create challenges to write like 30 days challenge and be committed to it.
  • Create a routine like Motivational Monday, Throwback Thursday etc. That shall help to publish more number of posts and also make it a regular habit to blog.

    Let us follow the above to overcome the WRITER’S BLOCK and hope the article is informative .