Eat healthy to live healthy

A week back, I woke up to see the maximum number of video and articles in all social networking sites about the issue. Nah the blog was not about the seperation of the famous actor or about the leading Indian journalist exiting from the channel he was associated with. It was about food. 

With that hint let me just take you few years back. It was a custom in every indian family to pack food when we travel. If its long travel then our dishes would have poha, chapathi, idli, bread and if the travel is for short time and distance then we used to take rice, pongal, dosa etc. Our mom used to spend time in planning the dishes and executing them by waking up early on the day we are travelling. I very well remember during our train journeys we were able to recognise the nativity of people seeing their dabbas in which they packed the home made food.

But after the year 2000, I guess the scenario changed. Almost all of us pretended to give our mum or wife whoever was responsible of cooking the meal a chance to offload this huge task by eating out during the travel. This move gave boom to the food industry and we could see lot of brands emerging. With huge brands the number of roadside shops also have increased. But is the food safe to consume? Are we concerned about the quality? The video or the articles that i mentioned in the beginning of the article is about the guy who was using a dustbin bag to pack sambar at a indian railway station. We have seen images of a chai wala preparing tea using the toilet water in a running train. And the list grows up from pani puri preparation to panchamirtham. Do you think after seeing all these has anything changed? NO. We still consume all the eatables that do not come from hygenic kitchen and we convince ourselves that we are immune to all junk foods and beverages.

After sending all the crap to our stomach, we complaint about growing tummy or about indigestion and take pills or syrup to control the same. As said by some famous nutritionist, lets respect our bellies and feed them safe things to live long. Lets wisely think before we buy any of those street foods and lets understand that anything can be cooked at home and also can be hygenic and nutritious.With smart phones in our hand, we need not run behind books to search a recipe. Every chef in one or other channel comes up with wonderful recipes every week. Lets try all the new recipes at home in our kitchen to live longer life as our grandparents.

Now if you think about burdening your mom or spouse showing or telling about my article, I have a twist for you. Why dont you prepare the dish and surprise them as a survey in the Unites States habe said that cooking is the best stress buster. Lets lead a healthy life eating healthy food.