Daddy is always said to be close only to daughter, the king who doesn’t hurt only princesses, the man who gets only things what his daughter loves for etc etc…Dads for some reason is always termed only to love his daughters and is always portrayed as the person who completely is against his son. These are the impact created by the film industry in India.

My father, Sri.S.Kalidasan has never displayed hatred or anger towards me or my brother. He is the man of simplicity and never does lose his temper to us. As any other dad he is unsung hero but we are matured enough to know that. He is the man who has been a dedicated son, lovable husband and a friendly father. He might not have got medals in his studies but he has won great remarks in his work and also is appreciated by everyone for keeping our family together.He might not have visited my performances during annual day on time due to work, but have always shared the appreciations he have heard from the crowd. He might not have attended my parents teachers meeting but always have made sure that he keeps track on our studies from my mom or from teachers when he meets them offline. He has been strict with us on studies but have always rewarded us when we succeed. Also he has never made us ask him for something. He had always got it ahead.

Appa I know that I have given you tensions during my initial days of hostel life in college and I have been stubborn at various times. I have argued with always on financial strictness and I have always felt you are making me stringent (as people around us quote) when you have asked me to save my money for future and I have also realized how much it has been useful for me. I am sorry for hurting you then.

You are always my inspiration Pa. I have seen you happier the day I got married to Keerthanaa and happiest on the day Dhushy was born. I would love to bring up Dhushy in the same way you brought us up. We love you so much Pa. I am what I am today because of your sacrifices and love.

And last but not least, I am following your advise Pa that I should treat my in-laws as I treat you. So before I end the article, I would mention about my FIL, Sri.R.Suresh. He is the man I look upon as inspiration next to my dad. The always cool nature, the confidence he has in everything he does, the way he motivates us to do things in life is really appreciable and makes us follow his steps. Mama, hats off to you. We love you a lot.

Happie father day Appa and Mama !!! We bow you both with all respect and would always be following your steps.Tight hugs to both of you. Cheers 🙂

P.S : “This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.” You can view the Vicks Vaporub #HugYourDad video here.

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