Tales from my music diary – “Malargale malargale malara vendam”

It was a lazy noon at work. The lunch was showing off its results. Adjusting the nob below the chair to incline little to the back to have a feel of easy chair and take a power nap, I scrolled down the songs in my playlist. It was clear that I had been sticking to Rahman at day and Raja at night. I felt that the songs of other music directors where just quizzing at me asking “What happened today? Why coming to us?” and trying to escape from my sight. 

Feeling lazy to scroll, I just turned on the shuffle mode and plugged my headphones. The first song that played was my long time favorite. The song was “Malargale Malargale malara vendam” from the movie “Pudukottaiyil irunthu saravanan” sung by Bombay jayashree and music composed by Yuvan shankar raja. I quickly took my phone and switched on the ‘repeat this song’ button. 

The song starts with the sound created by walking in the water and I was taken to my college days when i have tried making the sound in rain water and singing the song. We shall spend our free time in my neighbor room listening to the new albums and this song did sprinkle the magic in me from the first time I heard it. I was addicted to this song to the level that even today closing my eyes I can remember my hostel corridor, the song playing in my neighbor room, the rain drizzle hitting my face and with tea cup in hand i hum the song along with my friend. The lyrics are still by heart. The lyrics on simple wishes, a happy-go-lucky lifestyle, a leisure talk with nature on a holiday,  leaves me amazed. Though its the heroine’s wishlist in the movie but I feel that it can be a simple dream for anyone. I remember how me and my bestie who loved music have spent nights at the hostel terrace, stone benches gazing at the stars and singing the song. 

The song keeps playing in the loop. I stare at my computer screen with some kind off happiness. Its not just people who can take you down the memory lane but music also does.


Thought provoking Tamil movies of 2015

Thought provoking Tamil movies of 2015

Recently I got to watch couple of non stereotype Tamil movies which had  messages that is very much important for the society now but unfortunately they were not very successful at box office – Inji iduppazhagi and Pasanga 2.

We regularly hit upon atleast one friend or a relative who speaks about weight loss or looking slim. And when this topic starts at home or at workplace you suddenly can see every soul in the room giving the tips that they have read or tried irrespective of their size. Everyone of us just think to shed fat and look beautiful by following all short cuts that we read in internet or through friends. Doesn’t “You have become slim” gives more happiness than “Your salary is credited” ?  If you say ‘Yes.’ or you say ‘No. I dont care about my weight’, this movie is for you. Everyone really does somewhere deep inside wants to be the slim and trim model that we regularly watch in television or hoardings. Have we ever thought that we should be fit rather being slim ? Do we think about doing exercise to burn the extra calories or fat sediments in our body? We don’t. We actually run behind easy tips to loose weight. And hence weight loss has become a business and we fall prey for it. Every third person today has become a nutritionist and recommends you a fitness diet or shake which can shrink you but not make you fit. Just remember that !!!

Inji iduppazhagi talks exactly about this and gives us the message that be happy how you look but be fit. If you are thinking about joining crash course for weight loss or drinking fat burning shakes then this movie should be immediately watched by you.


Being a father of a hyper active kid who is yet to join his school, the second movie I watched was a nightmare. After watching the movie, me and my wife had a long discussion if we will be like one of the parents in the movie running to get admission in top schools and have to face all the problems that the characters in the movie face. This is not a remake of ‘Taare Zameen Par’ for your information. This movie also doesn’t talk about special kids. It talks about today’s kids who are hyper active and smart. But are we parents really smarter to tame them? Are we really intelligent to bring the best out of them? How many of us say “Let he/she decide what they want to learn”?  We want our kids to be experts in everything. They should sing, dance, play an instrument, be a cricketer/footballer, should swim and after all these should get good rank in class and also should be calm and behave maturely at the age of 5 as Mr.Swami’s son or Mrs.Shanthi’s daughter. We don’t allow them to live the life of their age. We force and confuse them according to our wishes and societies needs.

Pasanga 2 talks about all these. It also stress upon how parents and the schools should bring the best out of children. Also what kind of education would bring out the best in today’s kids. This movie is must watch for all the parents of this generation.


INJI IDUPPAZHAGI AND PASANGA 2 – My recommendation from the tamil movies of 2015.

The characters of the movie Bahubali and their resemblances with the epics

Did you watch Bahubali?
You liked it?
It is the BO hit now.Do you know the collection in the first week?


The BAHUBALI fever has stuck everyone irrespective of languages the movie is being watched and the story is no way new to Indian audience. Wait.  What i said? Story is not new to Indian audience. Yes i said that. We have 2 great epics Ramayana and Mahabharata and I see a lot of inspiration drawn from the epics in the characters of Bahubali.

SIVAGAMI (Ramya Krishnan):
The boldness of SIVAGAMI should have be drawn from the characters of Sathyavathi , the step mom of Bhishma who in spite of losing her husband and her sons , boldly ran the kingdom of Hastinapur with the help of Bhishma who protected her at that period of time.


KATTAPPA (Sathyaraj):
The character of Kattapa does show the respect and sincerity of Bhishma in Mahabharata. Though Kattappa could have acted against Sivagami using his power and could have taken over the kingdom of Magizhmathi but he was faithful and kept his words like Bhishma.


This character is handicapped, possess inferiority complex, doesn’t have power in the kingdom and so trains his son to gain power. It is clearly the character of king Dhritarashtra.This character also has flavor of Shakuni that works with cunning ideas.

bijjala deva

BHALLALA DEVA (Rana Dagubatti):
This character is clear portrayal of Duryodhana and Ravana. Like these epic characters,  he has not been accepted by the Devasena (Dhuryodhana and Ravana have failed in the test to marry Draupadi and Sita), he didn’t get proper recognition for his talents because he had cruel intentions and though equally talented compared to his peer he is denied power and so did create a master plan to gain power.

ballala deva

BAHUBALI (Prabhas):
This character could be inspired from Pandavas or in particular Arjuna. This character is close to heart for Kattappa like Pandavas were to Bhishma. Also we are able to know from scenes that Bahubali married Devsena competing with Ballala like Arjuna won the test to marry Draupadi. Bahubali became prey to the cunning plan of Ballala and his father and was killed.


DEVASENA (Anushka Shetty):
Her character shows the shades of Sita in ashoka vanam. She is dressed up in clothes that is torn. She wants to take revenge against Bhallala and as Sita was waiting for Rama here she waits for her son to rescue her. Also the scene which has Shivadu coming into the palace and burning curtains is portrayal of Hanuman burning Lanka. And when Ballala talks to her saying she could have married him and escaped this suffering it is taken from the scene where Ravana tells Sita the same.


SHIVADU (Prabhas) :
He is the main character who has come to rescue Devasena. His character is sketched similar to Lord Krishna. He is born as prince and is adopted by tribes, who is naughty as a kid and saves his biological mother from being jailed without knowing anything about his birth until he rescues his parents.


AVANTIKA (Tamanna Bhatia):

The love of Shivadu has very light shades of Sathyabama who is also a warrior and fights with Krishna initially but ends in falling in love with him.


Not only the characters are inspired from the epic, I also want to register another impact this movie has created is on women empowerment. When everyone in the film industry talks about it, director S.S.Rajamouli has silently created strong female characters in this movie as in the epics and the drive the story completely. Hats off S.S.Rajamouli.

Waiting for Baahubali , the conclusion.

Start grooving with ‘Donu Donu’ from Maari

It was a hectic Friday today. The Friday everyone expects is with less work and swiftly landing into weekend mood. Its 9.30 pm IST and my day got over just now. And I should tell you that it was not tough for me to get into the weekend mood.

Yeah after my work,  i was just browsing youtube to find anything interesting and i did hit upon this song Donu Donu from the movie Maari. This song is conposed by Anirudh and sung by Anirudh (yeah he sings most of the songs in his composition) and Alisha Thomas. Their voices blend wonderfully and its really a groovy number. It really boosted my energy and yaaay I am set for the weekend.

If you are tired after hectic week,  jus plugged ur headphones and click the link below.


I hope your foot would have started tapping now 🙂 Have a great weekend!!!

Being victims of film reviews

In this era of criticism, the day a movie releases everyone in the theater is tweeting or posting their reviews in all social networking sites. U know the best scene, worst scene, everything about the movie being at home or at work. The movie reviewers are so grateful to the makers that they don’t tell the climax openly and ask the readers to watch the film in theaters. Every review ends with comments on few technical aspects from the movie.

I used to be a movie buff earlier and would also comment on movie but it would be few lines and I would humbly tell that it is my opinion. Watching a movie and liking or disliking it is completely a personal choice but forcing it on people by talking all negatives about it in social networking site is not so good. Actress Suhasini said in the Ok Kanmani launch to media- ” If a person knows to grab the computer mouse, then they think that they can review a movie.” Lot of social networking reviewers were hurt by that but it is true to some extent. Every Friday night my Facebook wall, twitter page loads with the reaction from people who have watched the movie released and they try to showcase their personal opinion as the reaction from the whole lot of audience.

I read reviews before going for a movie. If you are one like me, lets change ourselves now. I have understood this after being victim of missing these two wonderful movies at theaters because of the reviews and controversies  – “Uttama Villian” (news articleand “PK” (news article). Both the movies had been portrayed as displaying hatred towards Hinduism. When people criticized Uttama villian as a worst movie from Kamal and PK for Aamir Khan’s hatred towards Hinduism, the movies are way high from all these criticism and have something else to deliver to the audience.

Uttama Villain beautifully talks about the life and death in a commercial cinema and Kamal in his own way have displayed the transformation from the hero life to the life he takes after being diagnosed by tumor in the movie and fulfilling his responsibilities before his death. The “Hiranya Ndagam” which is quoted to be hurting Hindu’s feelings does come only for few minutes and as in any Hindu dharma only the truth and good triumphs there. If Kamal would have captured a bad guy disguised as god winning the game that would be have been stupidity but what Kamal has portrayed seems to be in the right sense.


PK on the other hand enlighten us about the god who created us and the god we create. Yeah I know that the major criticism is on Hindu God-men but the fact is that the Hindu god-men are more in north India and so to make the audience connect easily the director would have had the character as Hindu god-man. The major takeaway from the movie should be believing in the god who created us and not the ones whom we create.


I have decided that I will watch the movies and then decide if I like it or not, rather hearing it or reading about it from people around me. At the end of the day, its we as a person who knows about our taste of movies 🙂