Lets say “Thanks” !!!

My 1.5 year old son is in the stage of speaking small words. We had taught him the word “Thanks” and told him that whenever you get something from anyone you should say “Thanks”. But what is happening at home is quiet different. When we ask him to get something for us, he would bring and hand it over to us saying “Thanks”. If we don’t say “Thanks” back to him, he will wait staring at us till we say “Thanks”. I didn’t understand this for first few times when he did so. Then my wife told me that he is reminding me to tell him “Thanks”. But our junior wont say “Thanks” when he gets something from us. We also remind him to say that and then he does say “Thanks”. Isn’t it the situation with everyone around? We do not say “Thanks” to our parents, spouse, siblings, friends and family because of an assumption that “Thanks” is only meant to be used with third person but we expect the word “Thanks” or the thankful gesture from every soul around us including the immediate family. Ok I accept the fact that we now celebrate a day for every relation and we brag about them in our Facebook page that day and say “Thanks” there. Irony is that we don’t even tell them directly.

Coming to the point,

  • How many of us thank a cab driver or auto driver who drove us to our home safely?
  • How many of us thank the waiter at a hotel or a room boy who serves you everything you ask?
  • Do we say thanks to our apartments watchman who has been taking care of our place when we are not at home?
  • Have you ever said thanks to plumber or electrician or any other service person who visits your home immediately after you call to attend some emergency work?
  • Have you thanked the ward boy or the helper in the hospital who helped you during your stay in the hospital ?

We never thank the people I mentioned above because we think we pay them for what they are doing. We are also being paid at our office but aren’t we expecting a certificate of good work or a memento for our performance from our organization? Yes. We do !!! We definitely expect an award of appreciation. But these people do not get any such appreciation from anyone. A “Thanks” from you would definitely make their day. And also I bet when you see them next time they would tend to be more helpful to you.

I got enlightened on this from a morning show in a local radio channel couple of years back and I have started the habit of saying “Thanks” to everyone who helps me. The help might be small or huge but it is help at the end of the day. I wish you too would follow this after reading this blog. “Thanks” again for taking your time to read my blog 🙂


P.S : I have mentioned “Thanks” in most of the places in my blog as my teacher in school has said that if you want to remember a phrase or equation or anything as such, just write it and keep it in a place where you can see it often. Seeing something more number of times would register it easily 🙂 “Thanks” !!!

One thought on “Lets say “Thanks” !!!

  1. Your “thanks” message is really wonderful and a big thanks for that. But I usually say thanks to all people who do a service for us as you mentioned un the list. But I would not say it to family and closw friends. I thank you now as u made me to realise the importance of saying thanks. To say thanks is not only a courtesy but also a symbolic way of representing our emotional gratitude.

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