My Half relationship with my dreams

When did you dream first? Did it come true? Hey wait. I am not asking about the dream of receiving a chocolate from a fairy or a travel to a distance land but I am asking about the dream of achieving something. Have your achieved what you dreamt? If so, you should be lucky my friend.  

I am gonna describe the half relationships I carry even today with the dreams I couldn’t achieve through this blog.
It was during my summer holiday of class 6th or 7th and I had been to a relative’s house and thats where the seed of my first dream was sowed. During our casual conversation, they had mentioned about their friend’s kid who has took up fashion designing. I was curious to know what that course is about . It was only during that time that the course was budding in India. After doing some research and talking to the girl who has taken up the course, I decided that summer evening that I will become a fashion designer. I not only decided but I started following fashion and learnt to make sketches. But destiny had other plans.

After the failure of fashion designing career dream, I was completely shattered and felt that my world is crashing. I stopped sketching. I stopped following fashion stuffs. It was more painful than a love failure. But Sunit Tandon , Nalin kohli and Suganya Balakrishnan, the popular news readers of Doordarshan came to my rescue by visiting us in our television sets daily with their wonderful news presentations. The charm and charisma they had made me love journalism/news presentations. The winning of elocution competitions was another reason for me to love journalism as I knew that I had the capability of presenting something in a better way to the audience. The first step towards the dream was waiting for my turn or taking someone’s turn during their absence of reading news headlines during our daily school prayer assembly. When my friends were digging their heads into the brilliant tutorial books for medicine and engineering, I would proudly walk away saying I am going to be a journalist. My english teacher was so happy and proud that someone in the class is listening to him. He gave me extra attention and got me few more opportunities to compete in English elocution and debates. Though this dream lived a bit longer than the previous one , it couldn’t live forever.

I don’t regret for what I am today. I never dreamt of taking up engineering, excelling in my core subjects and leading a team today but somewhere in the corner of my heart my relationship with my dreams are unfulfilled. I didnt want to cut them off from me. I wanted to maintain an attached yet detached relationship with them. Wanna know how? I have started suggesting fashion to my wife, friends and well wishers. I design accessories for my wife. I have learnt to make beading and quilling jewellery. I do this to keep my half relationship with fashion and to fulfill my quench of becoming a news presenter or journalist, i invest my free time on blogging, working on conspiracy theories, hosting events at work and for friends.

The fire in the relationship with your dreams never dies completely. It just needs a blow from you to atleast maintain half relationship with it. 

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Five ways to make your kid’s summer holidays interesting !!!

Five ways to make your kid’s summer holidays interesting !!!

The summer holidays for kids is nearing or would have already started for few. Isn’t it a tough job to manage kids for 2 months at home? They will be bored and hence either they would be glued to the tv or be at ground playing cricket in the scorching sun or finding ways to spend the time frivolously. Can we plan something which can make their holidays interesting?

Following are the five tips from me , to make your kid’s summer holidays useful and interesting:

1. Learn to fulfill their basic needs : When we always wish that our kids should grow up to be an independent person, they should be taught basic household work like drying clothes, ironing clothes, make coffee or tea, clean small vessels, cleaning their cupboard and arraging them, dusting house etc. How much ever your kids live a luxurious life, they should know to fulfill their basic needs and should not rely on others. So make them feel proud to do their work and encourage the same.

2. Enhance skills: Lot of institutions organise summer camps for various skills. I googled and found that there are summer camps for anything and everything from handwriting improvement to developing android apps for school children from age 5 to 16. Enroll your kid for the course matching their skill set. Few may be interested in doing a theatre course while some kids might like to learn a new skill like swimming or painting or dancing. Use this holiday effectively by sowing a new beginning or watering the growing interest in yout kid to shape their future.

3. Volunteering to social activities: Parents should be responsible first to bring up a socially responsible child. Just by telling our kids wont help the society but we should make them understand and actionable. They can volunteer to visit an old age home or orphanage all the days during their summer holidays and help the inmates in their needs. They can also find out for social activities happening around your place for cleaning up beaches or painting schools etc through internet and contribute to the same. Encourage them on the same even after their school reopens.

4. Trip to a new place: Holidays are always fun with outings or a trip but for indian cities summer outings will definitely not be enjoyable. Hence take a trip to a new place (hill station) where you can escape from the heat. If you find that not affordable, make a trip to your native village or rural area where your kids can get along with nature. The kids will definitely have to understand the life of rural people too as being in cities the kids see only the lifestyle that we are into.

5. Learn a new language: Learning a new language shall improve the creative side of the brain. Also learning a new language shall be fun for kids as that will be informative as well as exciting. Kids always wish everyone to recognise the result of every action they perform and this is easy way to gain recognition from friends and family.

Apart from the above you can encourage them in developing their reading skills, enrolling them for fitness schedules, plan for picnic with their friends and parents etc. 

Let me know if the tips were interesting. Do you have any such tips? Share it with me in comments. 

Jallikattu, not just a sport but our emotion – Tamizhan da !!!

Jallikattu, not just a sport but our emotion – Tamizhan da !!!

I am proud to call myself a tamilian who is fighting for the rights to conduct Jallikattu in tamilnadu. There are lakhs of people who are fighting to remove the ban imposed on the cultural sport around Tamilnadu and across the world. Social media is flowing with the support from people from various countries.


Having said that I am not going to say why we need Jallikattu because already there are lot of articles and vblogs talking about it. I want to showcase on how cruel Peta or Animal welfare board is acting towards Tamil culture. They have only one allegation about Jallikattu and it is cruelty towards bulls. They speak about this sitting in an air conditioned room somewhere in the United states or in New delhi eating pizzas or burgers. Have they been with a farmer or a family in village who has bull, they would know the affection the family does show to the cattle. Be it the PETA CEO or any animal activist, they are just talking with what has been reported or captured in one incident. Its simply like calling all delhi men as rapist because Nirbhaya was raped in the capital or addressing all Bengaluru men as saddist for few acts on the new year eve.


I did have a quick chat with my friend Bharathiselvam, who is born and brought up as an agriculturalist. Their family is into farming and they have cows and bull at home. I felt its my duty to make the world hear from the right person who has the full rights to talk about Jallikattu.

Me : Though its ironical, just wanted to ask you if you do support jallikattu and thus protests happening for it?

Bharathi : Yes, i completely support this cause. I am so proud and happy that finally tamilians have come together to fight for a problem that is affecting farmers.

Me : Yeah thats true. It makes me so proud that people have come together even though they are not directly involved. Ok tell me from a agriculturalist point of view that why do you want jallikattu?

Bharathi : (Response as received) இது என் பாரம்பரியம், என் அடையாளம் மற்றும் என்னுடைய அடுத்த தலைமுறை நோய்னெடி இல்லாம வாழ நம்முடைய நாட்டு மாடு காக்கபடனும். Translation : This is my culture, my identity and my gift to next generation to lead a healthy life. For our next generation to be healthy, we should save our native bulls and cows.

Me : Do you have a cows and bull at home?

Bharathi : (Response as received in Tamil) நாங்களும் மாடு வளர்கிறோம். Translation : Yeah we are also have cattle at home.

Me : Thats good da. Now these animal activists are talking about cruelty against bulls and cows, so want to check how do you treat them at home. Wats ur daily activities with them?

Bharathi : (Response as received) எங்களுடைய பிள்ளைகள் மாதிரிதான் பாத்துப்போம், நான் இங்க இருந்தாலும் ஒருநாள் கூட அம்மாட்ட ஆடு மாடு எப்படி இருக்குனு கேக்காம போன் வட்சதே இல்ல. அம்மாவும் அப்பாவும் அதனாலேயே சேர்ந்து எந்த விழாவுக்கும் வரமாட்டாங்க. மாடுங்களை பாதுக்கறதுக்கு ஒருவராவது வீட்ல இருப்போம்.

Translation : We treat our cattle like our kids. Though am away from home, I shall always enquire about how the cattle is doing whenever i call home. Mom and dad will never go to a funtion together as atleast one of us should be at home to take care of the cattle.

Me : Yeah i know. Even when i came to your home, I have seen your mom feeding the cattle same time when she gave us food. I can understand the feelings. Ok tell me what is your pongal agenda? Do you send your bull to jallikattu ?

Bharathi : (Response as received) மாட்டு பொங்கல் தான் ரொம்ப சந்தோசமா இருக்கும், எங்க பக்கம் ஜல்லிகட்டு நடக்காது மஞ்சுவிரட்டுதான் நடக்கும், மதியமே மாட்ட குளிப்பாட்டி மால போட்டு அலங்காரம் பன்னி மாலையில் கோவிலுக்கு பிடிசுட்டு பொய்டு பூஜை பன்னி மாட்டு கயிற கழுத்துல சுத்திவிட்டு எல்லாரும் சேர்ந்து பின்னடி நின்னு விரட்டுவோம். எங்க மாடு நாங்க யாரும் கூட வராமலே அதுவே சரியா எங்க வீட்டுக்கு வந்திடும். வீட்டுக்கு வந்தும் இளைப்பாற்றி சாப்பிட விட்டு அப்பா திாிஸ்டி சத்தி ஊா் எல்லைல போய்டு திாிஸ்டி கழிப்பாங்க.

Translation : Maattu Pongal (a day of Pongal is dedicated to celebrate cows and bulls) is very special and gives us happiness to celebrate. We call it Manjuvirattu in our locality. We give the cattle good bath in the afternoon and decorate them with garland. The bulls are taken to temple in the evening and pooja is done for them. We then tie the rope around its neck and will shoo it from behind. Men usually try to embrace the hump of the bulls and they will be declared as winners. Our cows know our home very well and they reach us after the event. After they reach home, we will allow them to rest and then feed them. My dad shall then do a ritual to eradicate drishti or negative energy on the bull and take it to the village border to throw the drishti away.


Me : Do you think your bull being handled cruelly is good?

Bharathi : They are not cruelly handled. Others also take care of it. If there is cruelty do you think we shall send them there. I have told already that they are like our kid. Do any mom send her kid to be harmed?

Me : Good question. If there had been harm will our ancestors allowed it ? Another important question I had was have you seen any bull dying because of jallikattu?

Bharathi : In my past 30 years of my life i never seen such things. The bulls are treated like gods. I have seen people getting hurt but not bulls.


Me : What do u know about the connection of jallikattu and breeding mechanism? Do u see a connection?

Bharathi : Bull and cows are more active while manchuvirattu and jallikattu. They join with us like our brother or sister or friend and enjoy the celebration happily. The winning bull will roam around our village and is authoritative to breed with the cows, all the village people take care of the winning bull and it will be feeded by all of the villagers. We will call it as kovil kaalai (Bull that belongs to the village temple).

Me : Whats your take on people who are opposing jallikattu ? Can you make them understand why we need jallikattu?

Bharathi : Come and live with us for a month or a week, you can understood very well. Without knowing of our life style with cows and bulls dont make unneccessary words like cruelty. To taking care of our cows and bulls, my mom and dad avoid more no of functions. and they take turns to attend the functions alternatively. The people and the cattle know each other’s language. When they are hungry or need something, we can understand from their tone itself. Likewise, they know if we are talking to them with love or anger.


Thank you so much Bharathi for your time. His bull awaits the day it could play again with its friends in the field.

Dear animal activists, I would request you just one thing. Do not interfere in our culture or identity. Our tamil culture is more than 1000 years old and we have been the most loving and caring people in the world. You could see that from the way the protests are happening now in Tamilnadu. You would not heard of a theft or a molestation or a rape or any negative news from the field. We the people of Tamilnadu are well behaved and we know to preserve our heritage. Kindly do keep your concern with you and not poke your nose into our affairs.



Following is the image to showcase the difference between Spain bull fight and Jallikattu. When you call the harmful Spain bull fight as an art , why the bloody hell you want Jallikaatu to be banned?


The protesters have displayed the power of common man and have clearly conveyed that the people of Tamilnadu will not be silent everytime when there is an injustice done to Tamilnadu people. The people who are fighting to ban this sport and the judges who have passed verdict should be clear on what is happening in the field. Just with the happenings in one location, the supreme court should not derive its decision. I wish a permanent solution is drawn to this issue and hope the government would take the steps for the same. PCA should be amended and the Jallikattu should be declared as cultural sport of Tamilnadu.


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Eat healthy to live healthy

A week back, I woke up to see the maximum number of video and articles in all social networking sites about the issue. Nah the blog was not about the seperation of the famous actor or about the leading Indian journalist exiting from the channel he was associated with. It was about food. 

With that hint let me just take you few years back. It was a custom in every indian family to pack food when we travel. If its long travel then our dishes would have poha, chapathi, idli, bread and if the travel is for short time and distance then we used to take rice, pongal, dosa etc. Our mom used to spend time in planning the dishes and executing them by waking up early on the day we are travelling. I very well remember during our train journeys we were able to recognise the nativity of people seeing their dabbas in which they packed the home made food.

But after the year 2000, I guess the scenario changed. Almost all of us pretended to give our mum or wife whoever was responsible of cooking the meal a chance to offload this huge task by eating out during the travel. This move gave boom to the food industry and we could see lot of brands emerging. With huge brands the number of roadside shops also have increased. But is the food safe to consume? Are we concerned about the quality? The video or the articles that i mentioned in the beginning of the article is about the guy who was using a dustbin bag to pack sambar at a indian railway station. We have seen images of a chai wala preparing tea using the toilet water in a running train. And the list grows up from pani puri preparation to panchamirtham. Do you think after seeing all these has anything changed? NO. We still consume all the eatables that do not come from hygenic kitchen and we convince ourselves that we are immune to all junk foods and beverages.

After sending all the crap to our stomach, we complaint about growing tummy or about indigestion and take pills or syrup to control the same. As said by some famous nutritionist, lets respect our bellies and feed them safe things to live long. Lets wisely think before we buy any of those street foods and lets understand that anything can be cooked at home and also can be hygenic and nutritious.With smart phones in our hand, we need not run behind books to search a recipe. Every chef in one or other channel comes up with wonderful recipes every week. Lets try all the new recipes at home in our kitchen to live longer life as our grandparents.

Now if you think about burdening your mom or spouse showing or telling about my article, I have a twist for you. Why dont you prepare the dish and surprise them as a survey in the Unites States habe said that cooking is the best stress buster. Lets lead a healthy life eating healthy food.

The change that was not willing to come

The most awaited TamilNadu election results are out yesterday and AIADMK has sweeped the polls. It was a tough competition this time as the social media reformists and even the other party politicians were urging that the people of Tamilnadu need change of government.But the results of the election resulted in favor of the AIADMK supremo. So who wanted a change is now the question? Is it only the non supporters of ‘Amma’ (as fondly called by her supporters)?

Considering the socia media reformists calling out for a change in government, do they have a proper leader as an alternative to the current government. That is my question. DMK and DMDK were the only alternatives they had to quote. DMK is very popular for the misdeeds in the state and people clearly have displayed the hatred towards them for the second time. DMDK failed because of its leadership. DMDK cheif Vijayakanth created a stir when he entered politics during last election but in the last 5 years he had failed to prove himself as a better leader.

So do we have any other alternative? Just creating memes and cursing the people of Tamilnadu will not change anything. I feel very angry when someone say that the people are fools or idiots in a forum where the whole world has an eye upon you. People know what they are choosing and they definitely know the consequences. You should very well know that there is a world out of your 14 inch laptops. Few of my friends were concerned that the young independent candidates were not given a chance. Thats true. But I personally feel that they have just entered politics and TN people are tired of giving new comer a chance. The young independent candidates should not stop with this.They need to be very much alive in the politics and use this 5 years to build their image by doing service to their constituency which shall be their identity to get selected next time. Let the youth create a proper party and contest in election next time. You need not have sahayam or any reputed face for you. Let your work speak.

And lets hope that the cheif minister would definitely fulfill the promises made by her and maintain the trust she has won from the people. I would also request her to take care of her health and have communication with the people or media frequently. Let there be peace in the state.


Zoological parks in India (TR)

Zoological parks in India (TR)

Zoological park or Zoo is considered to preserve the varied species in cities so that it can help educational purposes and also entertain people to visit and know about the animals and birds that can otherwise be only seen in text books or in visual media. In this blog, I will highlight today about few popular zoos in India.

Aringnar Anna Zoological park, Chennai : 

Also known as Vandalur Zoo, this is considered to be the largest zoo in all South east Asia. Its spread across 602 acres and has attained excellence in the Conservation Breeding Programme for endangered species and creating awareness about the conservation of natural resources. The zoo has lot of open space for the animals to move around and also has well equipped staffs to maintain and fulfill their needs. Battery cars are introduced to move around the zoo.


Alipore Zoo , Kolkata :

This is the oldest zoo in India and is main attraction of the city Kolkata in West Bengal. This zoo hosts 108 rare animal species like red kangaroo, giant squirrel etc.


Nandan Kannan Zoological Park, Bhubaneshwar:

Situated by Kanjia lake, this zoo attracts tourists for the wonderful location for panoramic landscape and animals are residing on same place. It is the house of 1580 animals, 512 birds, 634 mammals and 134 reptiles. This zoo is the national heritage of India.


Nehru Zoological park, Hyderabad :

This was the first zoo in India to display animals in open moated enclosures. The zoo is spread across 380 acres and bicycles are provided for the visitors to roam around the zoo. Currently this zoo is displaying animals belonging to 140 species numbering 1334.


P.S : With this I complete the AtoZChallenge and hope it had been interesting one.

Yercaud (TR)

Yercaud is the popular hill station in Salem district of Tamilnadu. Yercuad means Lake forest which indicated the thic forest along with lakes. It is also known as Jewel of south. Coffee and oranges are grown in abundance.


Yercaud botanical garden
Big lake
Killiyur falls
Karadiyur view point
Tipperary view point
Bears cave
Arthurs seat
Servarayan temple
Coffee estates





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