If you have noticed, I didn’t post any blog for quite a long time and I dont know why? Am I lazy to write or is something keeping me busy or has blogging gone down in the priority list?

Hmmm I guess its YES for all the questions above but its just not that. Did my creative side take a long pause? I fear so. I have a void feeling. I didn’t get any idea on what to write about and some kinda fear overtook me as I was not able to produce creative stuff. Yes you guessed it write. It is WRITER’S BLOCK.

I was thinking “why me???” When all my blogger friends are daily writing and publishing posts what am I doing? Infact I stopped launching WordPress app from my mobile which gave me a huge shock. 

And the worst part came to me when one of my friend referred me to their friend for writing blog content for their website. I lost my sleep that day. But I should say it was the salvation to the agony I was going through within. Though it was not a lucrative offer but I accepted it , so that I will be committed to write something and the magic worked out.

After I wrote couple of articles for them, I realised the root cause for this block in me and also found the solution which I wanted to share here.

  • Read something that will make you to think. It can be anything but should be of your interest and should make you think.
  • Start debating. If you get fellows to debate you are lucky else just debate yourself. You might get some idea to write.
  • Watch your surroundings. I started observing people or I started giving attention to even the silly discussion we have during tea time and definitely we get something out of it.
  • Create challenges to write like 30 days challenge and be committed to it.
  • Create a routine like Motivational Monday, Throwback Thursday etc. That shall help to publish more number of posts and also make it a regular habit to blog.

    Let us follow the above to overcome the WRITER’S BLOCK and hope the article is informative .

    4 thoughts on “Writer’s block & my suggestions to overcome them

    1. I can relate to this completely!! I’ve gone through every bit of it and have questioned myself many a times. What stops me from writing?! Then, I realized that waiting for that something extraordinary post or a creative post will not get me anywhere. The key is to write whatever you feel like not worrying about its creativity and the way readers will take it. Everyone is entitle to their opinion. So, the solution to clear this block is to just start writing! Anything! Recently I challenged myself to write one article everyday for 10 continuous days. Self-prodding! It gave me a hold, a spark to get ahead. I’m in 9th day! As I look back, I get a satisfactory feel having completed 8 days! It happened because I awarded myself the freedom to write about anything and everything I felt like sharing. One could get ideas or just a word to begin with, from many sources – discussion, overheard conversation, observation (around and within), reading the boards, signs and looking at pictures! So much to write about! So, letting go off the conditions like should be creative, should have flowery language and letting in such commonness will give you more ideas to write!! Happy that you’ve got that hold that keeps you going!! Keep it up!! Do share a link of articles that you write for the website in your blog. Would like to read 🙂

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      1. Thanks for reading the article, Manasaa !!! Yeah you are right about the reason. I had always waiting for the extraordinary article or a fantastic story to pen down but have always stuck up at some point or have felt that the drafts are not great. But i broke out of it through the opportunity. Sure will share them when they get published.

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