The change that was not willing to come

The most awaited TamilNadu election results are out yesterday and AIADMK has sweeped the polls. It was a tough competition this time as the social media reformists and even the other party politicians were urging that the people of Tamilnadu need change of government.But the results of the election resulted in favor of the AIADMK supremo. So who wanted a change is now the question? Is it only the non supporters of ‘Amma’ (as fondly called by her supporters)?

Considering the socia media reformists calling out for a change in government, do they have a proper leader as an alternative to the current government. That is my question. DMK and DMDK were the only alternatives they had to quote. DMK is very popular for the misdeeds in the state and people clearly have displayed the hatred towards them for the second time. DMDK failed because of its leadership. DMDK cheif Vijayakanth created a stir when he entered politics during last election but in the last 5 years he had failed to prove himself as a better leader.

So do we have any other alternative? Just creating memes and cursing the people of Tamilnadu will not change anything. I feel very angry when someone say that the people are fools or idiots in a forum where the whole world has an eye upon you. People know what they are choosing and they definitely know the consequences. You should very well know that there is a world out of your 14 inch laptops. Few of my friends were concerned that the young independent candidates were not given a chance. Thats true. But I personally feel that they have just entered politics and TN people are tired of giving new comer a chance. The young independent candidates should not stop with this.They need to be very much alive in the politics and use this 5 years to build their image by doing service to their constituency which shall be their identity to get selected next time. Let the youth create a proper party and contest in election next time. You need not have sahayam or any reputed face for you. Let your work speak.

And lets hope that the cheif minister would definitely fulfill the promises made by her and maintain the trust she has won from the people. I would also request her to take care of her health and have communication with the people or media frequently. Let there be peace in the state.


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