Zoological park or Zoo is considered to preserve the varied species in cities so that it can help educational purposes and also entertain people to visit and know about the animals and birds that can otherwise be only seen in text books or in visual media. In this blog, I will highlight today about few popular zoos in India.

Aringnar Anna Zoological park, Chennai : 

Also known as Vandalur Zoo, this is considered to be the largest zoo in all South east Asia. Its spread across 602 acres and has attained excellence in the Conservation Breeding Programme for endangered species and creating awareness about the conservation of natural resources. The zoo has lot of open space for the animals to move around and also has well equipped staffs to maintain and fulfill their needs. Battery cars are introduced to move around the zoo.


Alipore Zoo , Kolkata :

This is the oldest zoo in India and is main attraction of the city Kolkata in West Bengal. This zoo hosts 108 rare animal species like red kangaroo, giant squirrel etc.


Nandan Kannan Zoological Park, Bhubaneshwar:

Situated by Kanjia lake, this zoo attracts tourists for the wonderful location for panoramic landscape and animals are residing on same place. It is the house of 1580 animals, 512 birds, 634 mammals and 134 reptiles. This zoo is the national heritage of India.


Nehru Zoological park, Hyderabad :

This was the first zoo in India to display animals in open moated enclosures. The zoo is spread across 380 acres and bicycles are provided for the visitors to roam around the zoo. Currently this zoo is displaying animals belonging to 140 species numbering 1334.


P.S : With this I complete the AtoZChallenge and hope it had been interesting one.

6 thoughts on “Zoological parks in India (TR)

  1. Lovely zoos. I have really enjoyed your A2Z of India, JK. Thank you for all of these. I want to visit India more so now since seeing your beautiful pictures and reading your words. I’ve followed you and will continue to visit from time to time. Many blessings!

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  2. I love zoos. These are a bit far away for me to visit, but if ever find myself in their vicinity, I would definitely check them out

    Liked by 1 person

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