St. Xavier’s mortal remains (TR)

There was a little confusion from day one of this challenge on which place to write about when ‘X’ turns up. In India there are only two places that starts with the letter ‘X’ but do not have any significance to speak about.

I came to know about the Church of Bom Jesus and about St. Francis Xavier’s holy remains or the Apostle.of Indies that is residing here.

About the church, its a UNESCO’s World heritage site and is the most famous church in Goa. The church has stood majestically for past 408 years. It has a elaborate gilded altar that stretches from floor to ceiling looks grandeur. Aprat from that it has a simple interior structure.

St.Francis Xavier’s died on an island while travelling to continental China and his body was first taken to Portuguese Malacca and couple of years later shipped to Goa as his will to rest in GOA. Its said that his body was fresh as buried and the person who fetched the body seems to have cut a piece and blood oozed out as in a lively body. The reason about it remains mystery. His mortal remains is now kept in a silver casket and is kept for display once in every ten years on his death anniversary. The church also contains paintings that explains the life of St. Francis Xavier.

Every year on 3rd December ‘Feast of St. Xavier’ is celebrated and huge crowd gathers for the same.







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I am writing this article as part of #AtoZChallenge2016 and you can know more about it here.

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