Indian Museum Kolkata is the oldest museums in India founded by 1814 at Park Street by Asiatic society. This museum was the seed for many more museums to be established in India.


  • Mummies in Egyptian Gallery
  • Rare musical instruments
  • Coins of different regions of India from fifth century
  • Sculptures of different regions that belong from second century
  • Paintings from Persian miniature to varied schools of paintings
  • Arts and crafts from various asian regions
  • Evolution of man and the tools created during the evolution
  • Masks from different parts of India
  • Fossils of animals and man collection from different parts of the globe
  • Collection of species ranging from Insect, Fish, Amphibia-Reptile, Bird, Mammal and Ecology.
  • Collection of Indian timbers, Food products, Medicinal produces, Vegetable fibers, Oil and oilseeds which is exhibited in Botanical gallery
  • Library which contains huge collection of books in varied subjects
  • Seminars and multicultural events also take place here.

I have been to this museum several times when I was at Kolkata with friends and family. It does take almost a day to visit all  galleries but every gallery will definitely bring surprise to you. If you are visiting Kolkata aka Calcutta, this is a place you should not miss.

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I am writing this article as part of #AtoZChallenge2016 and you can know more about it here.



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