Who said tourist places should only be hill stations or beach locations? They can also be a city which tells you the stories of the past. Hampi meaning “champions” was once a great city but now is just another village in Karnataka. But it doesn’t remain quiet. It speaks about the golden days through the ruins of the city of Vijayanagara and attracts lot of tourists every day. Hampi is one of the UNESCO’s world heritage sites.


  • Virupaksha temple
  • Archelogical museum
  • Gagan Mahal
  • Hampi bazaar
  • Monkey temple
  • Vijaya Vittala temple
  • Queen’s bath
  • Hazara Rama temple
  • Hemkuta hill temple
  • Mahanavami Dibba
  • Step tank
  • Mathanga hill
  • Balakrishna temple
  • Bear sanctuary
  • Underground temple
  • Coracle crossings
  • Narasimha temple
  • Monolith bull
  • Sasivekalu ganesha
  • Courtesan’s street
  • Riverside ruins

To me places like Hampi seems to talk a lot about their good times. I would just love to go there and feel the royal days the place would have enjoyed its glory. It gives a pride when we see the architectural brilliance of our rulers.

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6 thoughts on “Hampi (TR)

  1. What a beautiful theme for the challenge! I’m so glad that you left a comment on my “H” post so that I could find my way back here! I must admit I’ve never heard of Hampi but I did do a quick Google search and felt very disappointed I didn’t know about such a beautiful and historically rich place sooner! I am in love with India- the food, the colors, the spirituality. I hope to one day be able to visit. I look forward to reading your previous posts and see what “I” brings tomorrow 🙂

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