Though wikipedia lists around 30 botanical gardens in India, only the botanical gardens in Kolkatha / Calcutta, Ooty and Karnataka are popular ones. I have been to the botanical gardens that are mentioned below. You can witness the huge variety of plant species which you dont come across daily and you can educate kids about them. Also these botanical gardens are good picnic spots where you can spend a day over the weekend.

Indian Botanical Garden ,Kolkatha, West Bengal

Located in Shibpur, Howrah. This is considered as oldest botanical gardens in India which has wide variety of plants. The Great Banyan tree which is present here is considered to be the largest in the world. Apart from banyan tree the attractions include 109 selection of palm trees, Orchids, Shivlinga tree, water lillies etc. The calm location would definitely bring peace.

Lal Bagh, Bangalore , Karnataka

Lal Bagh which can be directly translated to english as “Red Garden”. This garden has huge variety of rare and exotic plants collection. It is a genetic center for maintaining plants. Various scientific, technical researches are organized here. Large numbers of visitors visit this garden to enjoy. A beautiful glass house is one of the attraction of this garden.

Garden of Agri horticultural society of India, Kolkata, West Bengal

This garden is located in Alipore, Kolkatha. This garden has rare medicinal plants, ornamental plants, rare trees, uncommon trees, bonsai, cactus, tissue culture products, florticulture and organic vegetarian items here. Flower shows conducted every year is the major attraction.

Government Botanical Garden , Ooty , Tamilnadu

Government Botanical Garden of Ooty is famous for its collections of roses and largest in India. Around 300 varieties of roses is grown here.There is a fossil tree trunk which is 20 million years old. The garden is vast and is divided into 6 parts and every part has its own collection of species of plants. November to February is the season to visit this garden.

Brindavan Gardens , Mysore , Karnataka:

Brindavan gardens is one of the terrace gardens in the world which is located behind the Krishna Sagar dam. This garden contains varieties of flower beds, ornamental plants. The musical fountain has a huge fan followers in this place. Visiting this garden in the evening time will give you the visual treat.


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