The mask

It was women’s day and she received ‘The most successful woman’ for that year.

She gave a long inspirational speech about the struggles she faced to reach the height and insisted the company to give more opportunities for women.

After the event one of her team leads approached her and said “We have got this CV of a candidate. She seems to be the apt candidate for the role. Shall I ask her to come for face to face interview this week.”

She gave a irritated look at him and said-
“How many times should I tell you that we dont want female candidates for our team? They will join today and then they will leave company telling silly reasons. Marriage, baby etc etc. It wont work out for us. Better look for some guys. Its always good to invest on them.”

He left her cabin thinking “Women dont have enemies anywhere else but in the form of women”.

P.S: This story is purely fiction. If it resembles anyone in real life, then it is just a coincidence.

4 thoughts on “The mask

  1. You seem aggressively feminist (been reading your previous posts too). I’m all for feminism too, but sometimes I feel it’s a little over spotlighted. I feel that in most modern places, women are treated AT LEAST equally today. All schoolboys in India know the struggle of being a boy, at least in the cities. The male teachers often lean towards girls, and the female teachers (if biased) support their gender too.

    Like I said, I believe in the need for gender equality too. Just not sure if it’s necessary to shout it out as much as it is.


    1. Hey first let me thank you for reading the blog. If you speak about this particular story, to tell you the truth it just happened in front of my eyes at my office. I am not generalising but just thought such ladies are also there.

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      1. I was referring more to the general theme of your recent posts than this particular post.

        There’s so much feminism and anti racism and lgbt rights and net neutrality out there, often normal things are also labelled and protested against. Not every comment about women is male chauvinist, is it?

        Your openness is really admirable.

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      2. You are right. I like to write abt varied stuffs and esp what is exactly running in my mind. And the feminist stories are for womens day. Actually to tell the truth i dont agree more with extreme feminist.

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