The morning sunlight peeped via the gap in the bedroom curtain and hit my face. I slowly opened my eyes feeling the warmth. My eyes glared. Rubbing my eyes I looked at the alarm clock in the side table of our bed. It did display 7:15 AM, 28th Feb, Sunday. I tugged myself into the bed sheet and laid down facing her. The big eyes of her hid themselves behind the eye lids with thick eye lashes. The sunlight fell on her cheeks now giving a glow to her round face. Her face was spread with peace and calmness which I could rarely see these days. I wanted to hug her tightly feeling her breath in my chest and sleep for some more hours as we used to do couple of years back. After our son was born, he steals most of her time.

I woke up to go to her side and give a peck and sleep sometime hugging her. I found our son holding my tees and smiling cutely , opening his arms widely to lift him. I lifted him from bed and he did show the way to the toilet to pee. As he finished pee-ing, he seemed to be brisk and started running towards the bed to wake his mom. I ran behind him to stop him from waking her up and took him out of our bedroom. I went back to bedroom and changed the alarm time from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM. I came out to see my son confused. I told him that we shall wake mom later and did switch on television to engage him.

At 9:30 AM as expected, she woke up with a shock of being late and furiously came out shouting

” Hey I told you to wake me by 7:30 right? Why do you do this da?”. I casually answer

“C’mon baby. Its a sunday and you get rest only today. I feel guilty to wake you up di.”.

She frowns and walks to attend nature’s call. I could hear her murmur her responsibilities to be completed and blaming me for stopping her from doing them this week. She comes out of the toilet to see myself and my son being so immersed in watching the new song in the music channel and she gets irritated more.

“You very well know that I need to clean home and organize shelves,  wash the bedspreads and pillow covers and dry them in the terrace and then cook lunch. I told you to wake me up by 7:30 so that I could have finished them by now and cook lunch on time. You feel so proud giving me time to sleep but who will do all the things I listed. Today you will feel proud but tomorrow when you see something you will complain that I dont keep home tidy.” feeling disappointed she rubbed her palms and  wiped her face when the washing machine beeped.

She gave a suspicious ‘Did you do that?’ look and making her hair bun she went to search her hair clip to tuck the bun into it in the shelf. Again she does throw the suspicious ‘Did you do that?’  look on me and asks where did you keep the clips? My son takes her to the wardrobe where I had kept it in her clip box. She comes out seeing organized shelves and throws me ‘Did you do that?’ look. She collects the clothes from washing machine and crosses the kitchen to dry it in the service area and comes back to me and throws ‘Did you do that?’ look seeing the kitchen cleaned up. I raise my eyebrows to ask ‘What?’.

“What? Being so nice huh? Why are you doing this? You should have woke me up. These are my tasks. You should take our son for hair cut, wash your bike. You have your own to-do list for the weekend. Then why da you are taking this burden as well?”. I silently go to balcony and she follows.

“You haven’t answered my question.”

“I didnt feel like waking up my sleeping beauty” I said and gave her a peck in her cheeks.

“I am not convinced” she said gazing the empty roads.

“Ok. Listen. Kid’s hair cut can be done next week. I will do bike wash now. So there is no compromise in any of the stuff. Relax baby. Lets share the load not just today but going forward.” I embraced her. She removed my hands from her and ordered

“Ok, then make coffee for me and then dry the clothes in the terrace.”

“Ok mam. Your hot coffee will be delivered in couple of minutes” I said doing a bow gesture.

She bursts out laughing and hugs me tightly. Our son who had been waiting for this moment comes running and joins us making it a group hug.

P.S : I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

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