False zeal

The protesters were protesting to stop sales of liquor in the state outside the liquor shop run by government . Suddenly agitation raised and the protesters started entering the shop and broke the bottles. They started thrashing the alcoholics who were present there.

Raasu was sitting in a corner in the shop witnessing all the happening. He took some gulps of liquor and would often see the entrance expecting someone. When a protester came near Raasu to get the liquor bottle in his hand, Raasu pushed him away and started walking outside the shop with his bottle. The protester got furious and pushed Raasu from back. Raasu fell on the ground shouting the name of his wife Kamala and got his head injured.

Kamala came running from outside with a chips packet in her hand which should have been a side dish for Raasu.

“Hey why did you do this to my husband?”

“Oh. so you are his wife? Whats that in your hand? chips packet ? Side dish for your husband? Whatta great lady you are. You yourself buy your husband alcohol and also feed him with side dish? So disgusting. When so many ladies are protesting to close the shop to save their men’s life, see this goddesses who is buying liquor for her husband herself” said the protester out of frustration and hatred and laughed out loud.

“Mister don’t cross your lines. You might be protesting against alcohol consumption. You might think yourself as a hero. But without knowing our background don’t defame us”

“Oh see this b****. She is giving justification for the mistake. Hey you, listen here. We don’t want to hear anything in support of alcohol consumption. Better shut up and leave with your husband.”
Hearing the swear word from the protester Kamala got furious. She helped Raasu to stand up and checked his injuries. Frowning as the protester she said –

“You called us what? B****? Come with me and I will show you what we do. You better know it.”

The protester hesitated but Kamala pulled him to a nearby house’s backyard. Raasu followed them. The foul smell from the septic tank made the protester to close his nose with his hand kerchief immediately.

“Hmm so you couldn’t bear it from few feet away but we have to get down into it to clean them. And do you think we can do that normally? Do you know how tough is the job of manual scavengers? We are also human beings. At least going forward don’t pour words without knowing the reality.”

The protester stood still and slowly uttered SORRY.

– JK-

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