As said in my “Valentine’s day special chitchat–1”, I met this another best friend of mine and her husband to have the rapid fire chit chat.

To give a brief introduction about the second couple:

S & A are married for 5+ years. Their marriage was a pukka arranged marriage where the families found each other through matrimonial websites and they had the formal talks and meetings, after which the marriage was fixed. They both have a beautiful daughter.

After meeting N&K, I then visited my another friend S and her husband A. It gives me really great feel as I had played a small yet vital role S saying “YES” for the marriage. After sharing pleasantries, I tell them that I am going to ask them few questions for my blog’s valentine’s day special post. Though they give a nod, but I could sense a sudden tension.

Me : Is your marriage love or arranged?  

S & A give me a stare which meant “Don’t you know culprit”. And answers unanimously in a stubborn tone “Arranged”. Convincing them, I go for my next questions.

Me: When did you realize you are in love?

While S was thinking about it, A promptly replied “Not very sure. It all happened by itself after I met her formally in her native.” S then said ” Definitely not on the first meet. Hopefully the 5th day I guess after we had met formally.” and explains why ”I realised he is truthful and very open. He is what he is and I like that attitude which made me fall in love with him” and blushes. A gives a warm smile and pats her.

Witnessing the wonderful companionship, I put forward my next question.

Me:  Tell us about your proposal. Was it how you had dreamt / planned earlier?

S and A give a big nod saying “NO”. Then S says “Nope, I had no prior plans, it just happened.” A goes ahead. ” Well I don’t remember doing a formal proposal as in movies. My only intention was to gain confidence between the time we met and we got engaged. Criteria was, hide nothing to her. And I guess I won her heart.” S shouts “YES. U DID” and hugs him tightly.

I clear my throat to go to next questions.
Me : Tell us one romantic instance which you shall cherish forever
S was so excited to give the answer and says “Our first bullet ride. I always dreamt I would marry a guy who has a bullet or at least takes me a ride in it. You know it very well.”  “Anddddddddddddd obviously the first kiss is what I will always cherish.” And gives a blushing smile. A replies in a hushy tone “Our First kiss” and winks at S. S could not control and blushes more.
Again I clear my throat and pull them to answer my next question.
Me: Can you share with us the moment wen tears rolled your cheeks. Cud be happy or sad because of your love.

S becomes serious when she answers this question. She replies “Twice. First time was when I did show my daughter to him for the first time at the hospital. Second time tears rolled my cheeks after we gave away our sister married. He has been my pillar of support from day one and me being eldest daughter in our family A has taken the responsibility in my family too. I love him for that” and silently she hides the tear drops that were about to fall. After few seconds of silence, A continues “I remember I became very emotional after she successfully got her sister married.  Being eldest of three kids in her family, she has always taken responsibility in her family. The load she took on her shoulder was amazing. “ A once again pats S’s shoulder and calms her down.

I was equally emotional like A. S has been so responsible in both families and have been successful in meeting both the family’s needs so far. To lighten the mood, I change the order of the questions I had prepared and put forth the next question.

Me :  Do you celebrate valentine’s day on Feb 14th.

A immediately say “ Nope. Its just another day for me.”  S had her own version.” He doesn’t and I also don’t stick to it, but we always celebrate our first meet day as our own valentine’s day and exchange gifts and cards (but that is not mandatory). We make sure we make time for ourselves on our first meet day by going out somewhere followed by dinner.”

Me : What about gifts. Do you exchange gifts on valentine’s day or first meet day? What have been the memorable gift so far.

S is again excited and tells “Yes we have exchanged gifts on our first meet day as I said earlier. The memorable gift to cherish is a watch that he gave me on the eve of our wedding. That was the first gift I received from him and so its always special.”  The history repeats here as well. A went on thinking for a while about the gift and giving a big smile said “ I really don’t remember (Men will be men)” S gave a furious stare.

To prevent any accident as a result of A’s reply, I went ahead asking the following question.

Me: Whats your favorite romantic movie which you had watched so far?

S promptly replied “O Kadhal kanmani, more than me he liked the movie J My all time favorite romantic movie is Mounam paysiyathey and Alaipayuthey J”

Hearing S’s answer A got confused. He bluntly confessed this “ Honestly telling you all the movies that we saw in theaters are boring. The movies which I thought would be romantic was boring to the core. So….”.  S was not fine with the answer and she reiterated that “ He likes OK Kanmani. DOT. ”

Seeing my attempt to cool S failing, I quickly asked the next question:
Me: Tell us one thing which you have always wanted to tell your spouse but have shyed or have postponed telling that.

A smiles and says “We hide nothing, most of the time things have ended in fighting because of the straight forwardness. It’s all part of the game J “ S says “I feel shy to show the group messages that we chat as they would be complete nonsense but he would read it everyday night to tease me J”
S gave a shy smiley and I asked them the final question:

Me : Tell your favourite romantic dialogue from your favourite movie.

S again replies promptly “In the above said movie Mounam pesiyadhe , actress Trisha will tell actor surya that he is unique guy who never roams behind girls. I love that dialogue as I match it directly with my husband” and gives a gleaming smile. A also had got a answer “Apologies I am a poor lover. Hopefully a good husband n father I guess”

S gave a approving nod for the dialogue A said and hugged him tightly. As seen in movies their daughter who was sitting quietly so far also ran towards her parents and joined them. I bid them a good bye and started to my home thinking about the day I spent with this two families. You fall in love before or after marriage, the love you carry on for years is what matters. I rushed to my wife to share and help me in editing the chats and also to fall in love with her again and again.

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