The prey of the plot

In India, we have always been hearing the noise about caste based discrimination and reservations. Its still a confusion on who is minority and who is majority, who is upper caste and who decides all these. Though such discrimination acts irritates us , I should say we have ignored it as we got used to it and also it doesnt affect us as a common man as we do not make friends seeing caste atleast in our schools and colleges. But its sad to see that they caste hatred has hit the colleges for past few years. We have come across few government education institution where there had been clashes based on caste discrimination. With extreme anger I am penning down this blog. The cause for anger is the suicide of Rohith, a scholar (should I refer him a scholar after he performed the coward act) of University of Hyderabad who has become a root cause now for yet another confusion. My thoughts as bullet points here:

1. Why should the educational institutions encourage religious or caste based groups in college/university? Shouldn’t the universities or colleges be scrapped with the groups? Educational institutions should not encourage politics within the campuses. Every individual can have their freedom of thoughts but discipline and decorum in the campus should be given more importance. Educational institutions should be a place to develop integrity and gain broad mind perspective instead of sowing rivalry by means of cast ism.
2. Rohith’s death seems to create agitation in the university of hyderabad by the group he belonged to. If dalits are being neglected in the university then why does one want to go and study their. You can boycott the institution. Its hard to believe the information as there are many other dalits who seems to be part of the institution and if every dalit student are not been accepted then how come the dalits prefer that university.
3. Rohith’s suicide note doesnt talk about dalits or he beig denied the opportunitiea but the prestitutes version seems to create a stir. I saw a local magazine with title “Kill dalits by poinsoning – By Rohith”. Media should be little more sensitive when they give news about such incidents.
4. After watching movies with stories with similar plots, i personally feel that the suicide is being politicized. Why not his group of members would have kindled or brain washed him to be a role model and insisted him that his death could bring a change. You can call me a Bhakt now but I dont mind. My point is if a suicide can only bring change , the change should have come by now as a tamil dalit student has already has died 6 months back in same university and it was said he died due to heart attack and his death has been later found to be mysterious death. The tamil dalit student’s death at the same university was not bothered by the group who are protesting for Rohith now. So what is the policy that they have?

5. I do not agree with people who favor student suspension. The students group protested against the hanging of Yakub Memon who was arrested and hanged for his hand in Mumbai terror attack. This is contempt power of court and will definitely be actionable. The group mentioned that it protested against hanging statement but why they do not protest it for Yakub Memon who has been declared as terrorist. It has become a fashion for protesters and prestitutes to support terrorists who have taken the life of fellow country men. Please learn it from France guys on how to react to terror attacks.

As Rohith ends his letter requesting for his stipend amount, I wish the university provide it to his family so that they are benefited out of it. And dear politicians don’t misuse this suicide for your benefits and dear government this is the time you wake up to do something that would bring equality in the mindsets of the people. I would like to see that the HRD ministry takes charge and scrap all political and religious groups from educational institution. If educational institution cant sow the equality among the students and does encourage division, then they are definitely not the healthy place for next generation to grow. Rohith is just another prey in the political plot. As he mentioned in his letter atleast let him be in peace now.

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