(: (: (: Welcome 2016 :) :) :)

In the last day of the year 2015, which has seen the good, bad and the worst, I was wondering what could I pen about? Should I follow the ‘N’ number of other bloggers or websites and list down the happening in the world? Or should I brag about my personal stuffs that happened in 2015? Or should I jot down the list of resolutions that I am going to take as on any other new year?

The list and the confusion never ended. I even thought that I would break the ritual of writing a blog to welcome the new year. But whatever should happen will happen and I completely believe in that. As I was casually listening to classical music today morning, I hit upon this Bharathiyar (a famous tamil poet) song. Though I have heard this lot many times, I haven’t taken the effort to understand the song deeply till I read the insight as a comment in youtube by a foreigner. For a moment though I felt ashamed ,but then the next second I beamed in pride thinking about how my beloved poet Bharathi had huge followers worldwide.

The original tamil lyric is as follows:

எத்தனை கோடியின்பம் வைத்தாய் -எங்கள்
     இறைவா!    இறைவா!    இறைவா!                
சித்தினை அசித்துடன் இணைத்தாய்  -அங்குச் 
     சேருமைம பூதத்து வியனுல கமைத்தாய்
     அத்தனை  யுலகமும் வர்ணக் களஞ்சிய
     மாகப் பலபல நல் லழகுகள் சமைத்தாய்     

முக்தியென்   றொருநிலை   சமைத்தாய் -அங்கு
      முழுதினையு முணரு முணர் வமைத்தாய்
      பக்தி  என்றொரு நிலை வகுத்தாய் எங்கள் 
      பரமா, பரமா பரமா.  

And the insight is as follows: (Courtesy : bharathiyar.wordpress.com)

There is lot more to live in this world than we all realize

We tend to get settled and satisfied with what we get now

But there is lot more there.

There is lot more height to climb and conquer.

There is no end to learning.

One school ends leading another to begin.

Hesistate not to face tomorrow, however chaotic it may sound.

For all the moral virtues you hold today, will only bestow for a better day and no lesser.

With this note, I wish everyone ‘A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR, 2016’. Lets leave all negativity and sorrow as the clock tick 12 am today and lets remember the lines above that there are so many beautiful things around us which we are blessed with. Let peace and prosperity prevail.



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