The third heavy downpour in a month is over yesterday. Sun has started shining today and we are not sure if its gonna shine permanently as few more depressions have been predicted. And I take time before i get back to work today to pen my thoughts about the calamity Chennai has faced.Chennai and Cuddalore has been affected by multiple cyclones and depressions formed in Bay of Bengal starting this November 2015. The damages are quiet huge.

I live at Chennai, the state capital of TamilNadu. The rains have affected the lives of people here. Many have lost their properties. Though few of us had our families and relations to support and be a host,  many are helpless and are stranded in their houses. Government has moved almost 90% of the affected people to reform camps while few are not ready to move out fearing theft and lose of properties. Most of the city was flooded as various reservoirs in and  around  the city fail to hold the excess water. Top mobile networks have jammed except a few which managed to provide the service. There was scarcity for basic needs like milk, vegetables and drinking water. Few took advantage over the situation to sell them in a high cost but the people didnt have a choice but to buy what they got to run the living. Power supply was completely disrupted for almost three to four days.


In spite of all the above issues,  I should proudly say that Chennai stood united. Before the political parties jumped in to rescue, lot of common people turned as volunteers in rescue and reform activities. I could find Facebook group created to guide people, get help for stranded folks, issuing food and necessity items. We should also appreciate students from various colleges, IT employees, various NGOs and every individual who grouped together to collect and distribute required materials. Facebook is already flooding with pictures of saviors from around the city who had work towards reforms without thinking about their family and their life. Cheers to the brave warriors !!! A big salute to all the three wings of Indian armed forces who had contributed a lot in rescuing folks from the locations which common people couldn’t reach.


While actor Padmashree Kamalhassan was frustrated sitting in a air conditioned room at his home seeing the suffering of the people in his locality and blaming government for not utilizing the tax money properly, few celebrities like actors Dhanush,  Siddharth, Vidyuleka, Rahul Ravindran, audio and visual media anchors Rj Balaji, DD aka Dhivyadharshini, Anjana, Arvind , singers Chinmayi, Suchi, theatre celebrities Karthik kumar and his Evam group (there may be few more but since I follow these people in twitter I could see their effort) had pitched in to collect and distribute the reform materials directly. Relief materials and prayers from other districts in Tamilnadu and other states of India are also pouring in. Thanks to all the kind hearted people.

When we saw lot of prayers, we did see a little of such creepy Facebook posts as well which was replied in a most brilliant way. Couldn’t resist from adding it to the blog post.

Though this calamity has shaken up the city, hope and trust to get back to normalcy keeps the spirit of Chennai high and running. As the message in the below picture says, “Do you think we will fall apart? Even if you tear us apart into pieces, we will get united and we shall rise and shine.”


Video source : Youtube

This is our Chennai and we should only take care of it 🙂

From a proud Chennaiate – A big thanks 🙂



3 thoughts on “Risen from the ashes

  1. The city is submerged in water and people are desperately in need of help and relief. People from various parts of the city were left stranded on for long hours without food and proper shelter. Few startups pitched in to help the people of the city. Ola started boats, CommonFloor curated shelters for people to list and find commonfloor[dot]com/chennai-rains Localities you can look for shelter commonfloor[dot]com/pages/chennai-floods-safe-localities and Zomato initiated ‘Meal for Flood Relief’ service in Chennai

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    1. Things are getting back to normalcy and huge relief funds as well as materials are flowing from all parts of the country and the world. The worst is over and the city is gearing up to emerge as wonderful place to live in again 🙂 Thanks for your comments 🙂


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