Handle with care – It’s baby’s soft skin !!!

To every parent, their kid is the top priority and giving the kids the best he/she could would always be the motto. I am a father of 1.5 year old boy. He amazes me by his cute features, his wonderful expressions and off course by his soft skin. As a parent, we do everything to treasure all these and keep my son safe from the external factors. But extra care is always given to take care of his soft skin as its very sensitive and should be protected.

We have heard numerous way to protect the baby skin or to keep it softer. From applying haldi (turmeric) powder to lotion, the list is never ending. But not everyone tells us the basic yet mandatory things to follow to protect the soft skin of our baby. The basic and important ones lie hidden beneath the other ideas that our friends and family threw on us. I just thought why not list the basic ways that we followed to safeguard the soft skin of our son, so that it can help other parents:

pampers_cosmeticsBe careful with cosmetics : From the day the baby is born, the first set of gifts would definitely be the baby products from various vendors. Before you directly use them on your baby, make sure you check the date of manufacturing and expiry. Your duty doesnt stop there. You should also check if it suits your kid. And it could be done only through trial and error method. If you see red marks or rashes stop using the soap or lotion or powder immediately. Because not all popular baby products suits every child. 

Appropriate dressing:
Dress is another gift that would pile up from the day the baby is born. We should be careful in choosing the dress based on the climatic condition and comfort of our baby. Its always advisable to make the baby wear loose and dry clothes. The fabric type could also vary based on the season. Make sure the kids dresses are washed separately and are not washed using harsh detergents. There are lot of baby laundry detergent available in the market which could be used with any few drops of antiseptic like dettol to avoid skin infections.

pamper_baby_massagePamper your baby’s skin : As we pamper the baby by all means , we should pamper the soft skin as well by giving regular massage. Try to use baby massage oil from popular brand or if you can prepare it at home by yourself it would be wonderful as you take extra effort when you are doing it for your baby. To check Indian style baby massaging, click here. After the massage, make sure to give a warm water bath so that the baby would feel relaxed. Do not forget to apply baby lotions as the skin should not be let to dry.

Use gentle wipes :
Using wipes should be given extra care as we tend to use them often in a day for all baby activities. Always prefer gentle wipes and do not use it hard on the baby skin , especially in the areas which are covered by clothes and diaper. Do examine always after you wipe the skin for rashes or red mark. And don’t forget that wipes are for external use only. 

pampers_premium_care_pantsUse Pampers: Diaper are really the gift for the current generation of kids as it helps them to sleep long and also makes the job easy for the parents. The baby diapers should be monitored always and is recommended to be changed if soiled immediately or once in 3 hours. Choose the diapers which would make your baby feel comfortable.

We recommend Pampers because “Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”

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