Stay cool like Dhoni !!!

“When we do good noone remembers it but when we do a mistake noone forgets it.”

Isnt it really true?  Especially in the case of our Indian cricketers. The day a batsman hits 100, we are all in praise of him. We take him high and celebrate him like a savior. But if the same person is not able to make it in some other match, do we spare him? We spread hatred on him in twitter, Facebook and in all possible ways which shall make the cricketer’s condition worse or he is pressurized to prove himself in his next game. Not everyone gets to handle such situation in a smooth way.

So was the situation of M. S. Dhoni , the day (Oct 11th, 2015) he lost the 1st ODI with South Africa. The social networking sites took a troll on him. But this is not new to him.  He has faced it lot many times. As few of his supporters had put up, Dhoni has more number of haters in his own country while the whole world was still by his side. The worse part was, few ex-cricketers commenting about his leadership skills and his caliber fading. Dhoni took the blame on his shoulders. “My job of a finisher is a gamble and I have to take the blame when it fails. When you bat down the order you have to take the blame. When you have finished a lot many games, people remember more about the games you have not finished,”  Dhoni told the reporters. He has always been aware that he can’t stop people commenting about his failure but can prove them wrong just by winning the next ODI. And he did it. 2nd ODI (Oct 14th, 2015) was won in MSD’s own style with a score of 92 not out and he finished the game with his stylish six.

Though this is a never ending story, I think there is a key take away from M.S.Dhoni. In our day to day life,  we face a lot of situation like this. We are cornered,  our caliber and competency is questioned, we are ridiculed, we are suppressed. We react to it through anger, hatred and hard feelings.

Wouldn’t it give us peace if we ignore all the negativity against us and just work towards proving ourselves like our captain cool?

Instead of building a wall with the hatred thrown on us and crying inside,  wouldn’t it be right to trash them and move ahead?

Captain cool MSD not just amuses us but also inspires us by his work . We love you Dhoni 🙂


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