LG Nexus 5x – Tech review

I came across the ad that kept popping up in blogadda.com,  immediately as i signed in yesterday. The contest was for #Champisback and the entries had to be about three innovative features of LG nexus 5x. Just as I did browse through internet to check about the phone specification,  the things that made my eyes widen are the following. In no particular order,

Screen size and resolution:
LG nexus 5x has a 5.2 inch screen with full HD display resolution. Definitely one of the dream phone for any smart phone user.

Camera specifications :
12.3 MP rear camera with laser autofocus and dual tone flash is a big plus. The front camera is of 5 MP.  The camera generates HDR pictures. Wah wah wah…For a blogger, i feel it would be great for me to capture wonderful pictures and selfies for my blogs as well as social networking pages.

Processing speed and battery charging speed:
The QualcommSnapdragon 808 processor is definitely going boost the performance of the smartphone which is going to have much to perform with Android 6.0. With 2700mAH battery , the charging time is also going to be quiet less and the it will last long than regular smart phones.

Ok,  so just this much? Nah.
The LG nexus 5X is gonna hit the market with Android 6.0-Marshmallow, the support for Type C usb reversible cable, fingerprint sensor support, google pay, chrome custom tab etc. Isn’t it a boon for a user of LG Nexus 5X to get all these in a competent price.


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