“MomentCam” – Mobile application review

For past few months, my friends who would have had a look at my whatsapp display pictures would know about “MomentCam”, as I have been inquired about the caricature pictures I created using the app. Thanks to a Facebook friend who posted about this app. I have been amused seeing features this caricature app helps me to do. This app will definitely give a fresh feel after using the regular photo editing apps and I am sure your friends would check with you about this app. And I need not say that your pictures would hit huge number of “Likes”.

About the app:

Name : MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers
Developed by : HighTalk Software Corp.
Downloads : More than 200 Million (As mentioned in the description in Google Play store and iTunes)
Supported OS : Android 4.0 or later and iOS 6.0 or later
Ratings (In play store and iTunes): 4+

“Jhakas” (What made me use this app?) : 

  • Free app and no mandatory account registration to create the caricatures.
  • Special offers on creating an account
  • Create awesome caricatures of yourself or your friends and family.
  • Create and share emoticons with your caricature or your friends and family caricature.
  • New caricature themes everyday to have fun
  • Huge amount of options to edit facial expressions, change hair styles, add head gears, change face shapes, add accessories.
  • Create comics using the caricature by adding quotes, dialogues or messages.
  • Add animated effects to the caricature image by adding snowfall, rain, sunshine, meteors
  • Easy to post in social networking sites and also can be stored locally.
  • Works smoothly in phones as well as tablets.
  • “Momies world” activities where you can post your caricature based on the theme and win prizes.

“Yeh dil maange more” (What we need more from this ? ) :

  • Multiple font types and option to change font color for the texts in text bubbles
  • Colored text bubbles
  • More animated effects
  • Performance improvements in terms of creating caricatures

“Hum apke hain kaun” (My Rating) : 4/5

My caricatures:

MomentCam_20150729_225821 MomentCam_20150802_114534 MomentCam_20150821_194451

P.S : MomentCam is the Winner of the Facebook APP OF THE YEAR 2015 AWARD

For more information visit www.momentcamofficial.com

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