Faking It

Till date, the women rights activists, the so-called feminists and the media were raising their voices when someone blame a woman for the rape, when someone talks about the dress a woman should wear in public and anything against women. When the gender equality is being the talk of town, the question arises in my mind is, is that only for woman? From Rohtak sisters to Jasleen Kaur, today any woman can throw a shit on man and reach the hall of fame in social media. But is it really worth? And the social media members and the ‘great’ indian media jump into conclusions asap and call him pervert and defame the guy and his family. He is arrested, kept in jail, his family is brought into limelight, the journalists treat them as shame to the country. Where is it going man? Even after the claims are proved fake, not even a single media member or channel talks about the false claim done and never do they feel shame or sorry for their deed. They just run behind another fake case and try to fulfill their hunger for TRPs.

The country where cases like Nirbhaya has taken place and caught the attention of public on women safety is also the place for crime against men. When few file cases for fame, few do to take revenge. The following statistics of fake rape allegation on men in Delhi reported by National commission of Women from April 2013 to July 2014 is really shocking:
In 2012, out of 680 cases 312 cases have been proven as fake.
In 2013 , out of 1,559 cases 1,216 cases have been proven as fake.
In 2014 , out of 1,253 cases 900 cases have been proven as fake. 

(Courtesy : http://www.dnaindia.com/)

A month ago, in a Facebook group that I am part of, had a woman posting a video claiming of verbal abusing and teasing. The 2 minutes video had just loud music from her car and the biker was seen only for 2 seconds. The biker was driving normally. The allegations she made on the man was not recorded in the video. When the group members started questioning her more and asked her why she didn’t lower the glass and ask what he was telling or stop the car in a signal and get hold of him her answers were really stupid. She ended up saying her father is in a higher post in police department and she will file a complaint. She was trolled for the post as she was trying to get a fake publicity.

When the Indian government had framed laws to safeguard women and  it really gives a sense of agony when we hear the women misusing law against men. Unfortunately there is not even a single law in India to support men or atleast to punish women who misuse the law against men. If the men who molest women are harmful to the society, so are these women who try to threaten or spoil a man’s life by giving false criminal complaint against him.

I always have a huge respect for women and would always lend my support for them to grow strong in the society. But at the same time, I am not able to handle this as a man. I dont want to generalize here. I understand that if Raavan do exist then Surpanakas too exist.

To all Jasleen-s who are trying to gain false publicity

Dear ladies,

Women are considered to be the beautiful creation of god. Women have immense mental strength and strong will power. I wish you utilize them properly at your work because the fame you get for your work will really make you feel great than the temporary fame you attain through social networking sites. You would very well have seen that the number of supporters you had when you put fake complaint against men in social networking sites is less than the haters you gain at the end. Please don’t try shortcuts to fame as there are more number of deserving girls who are fighting to reach the hall of fame by their work. You are not only adding shame but also seeding a disbelief in the minds of public by such act. Tomorrow if a girl is truly affected, people would not believe her first. Hope you understand.

Thanks !!!

3 thoughts on “Faking It

    1. Your article is interesting and you are right. We blindly follow the media and always take sides to put our opinions. We should rather think both the ways.


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