The Betrayal

It was today that Mahesh was supposed to get married. His parents are still not out of the shock. Mahesh’s mom keeps weeping all her day and his father is speechless. Tears rolling down his cheeks, Mahesh keeps repeating “She could have told me earlier. Why did she cheat me?”

Mahesh met Ishu 3 months back along with their families and the marriage was fixed the same day. It was a pukka arranged marriage. As every newly engaged couple, they dated each other and got to know them better. Mahesh was always enthusiastic while Ishu was very grounded. Mahesh wanted Ishu to get everything the best and so he arranged everything the way she liked. He bought a new flat and designed the way she wanted it to be. He made all arrangements for them to live in the flat. Though the flat got ready a month ahead of their wedding, he didnt start living there. He wanted to step into the home with Ishu. Mahesh even volunteered to share the wedding expenses as Ishu had once told him that her father is struggling to arrange money for their marriage. Ishu loved Mahesh and she was so much caring towards him too.

It was bright morning last week. Mahesh’s phone rang loudly displaying the caller as Private number. Mahesh lazily woke up and saw the time. The clock stuck 9:30. Lazily he woke up and picked the call. The caller didnt wait for Mahesh to start the conversation. The voice said “Ishu is marrying her boy friend today at the City registrar office at 11 a.m. Come and wish her luck” and the line got disconnected. Mahesh felt hard to rewind what he heard. His head was aching like hell as the result of previous night’s bachelor party. He immediately called Ishu but her number was not reachable. He refreshed himself and made a coffee. Sipping the hot coffee, he dialed Ishu’s number again. It was still not reachable. He quickly opened Whatsapp and found her last seen was few minutes ago. “Should I call her home? Will this be true? Nah nah. This should be some prank call. We had spoken before I went to the party yesterday. She was romantic and wanted to talk for few more minutes but these guys pulled me into the dance floor. She had even sent few kisses emoticons.” . The thoughts kept running in loop in his mind. Though his heart sai it would be a prank call, his mind made him dial Ishu’s home number.


“Hello uncle. Namaskar. I am Mahesh here.”

“Namsakar Namaskar. How are you?”

“I am good uncle. I could not reach Ishu on her mobile and so I dialed to landline. Can I talk to her?”

“Sure Sure. Here she comes.”

Mahesh was able to hear his to-be father-in-law telling Ishu that it was call from Mahesh in all hush hush sounds.

“Hi Mahesh. What happened? All fine?”

“Hey Ishu. Yeah baby. All is well. Where is your mobile? Its not reachable since morning.”

“Uff. I am so Sorry. I had kept it in the hall and you know there is no network coverage. And why do you sound very tensed. Wait I will call you from my mobile in sometime.” said Ishu disconnecting the call.

Mahesh waited for an hour and he didnt receive a call back from Ishu. It was 10:30 a.m. He called her home again.

“Hello” said his to-be mother-in-law.

“Hi aunty,Namaskar. I am Mahesh.”

“Hello Mahesh ji. Namaskar. How are you?”

“I am good aunty. Where is Ishu? I am not able to reach her mobile.”

“Oh she just now left home. I guess she has went to meet her friends for inviting them for the wedding.”

“Ok aunty. Not a problem. Please ask her to call me once she is back.”

Mahesh disconnected the call with his heart beat increasing. “She wont do this to me.” He kept repeating this in his mind. He became restless and didnt know what to do. Taking a deep breath he decided to go to the registrar office. He took bath and dressed up but his mind kept saying “Its not right to doubt Ishu. She is my wife and she loves me a lot. Its crap to doubt her just based on a prank call.” And this thought stopped him from leaving to the registrar office. It was 10.50 a.m when he got a call from the private number again. The same voice spoke.

“Hello Mr.Mahesh. You still at home relaxing and thinking Ishu will be yours? She is going to get married in 10 minutes.”

“Hey you bloddy a**hole. What do you want? Why are you confusing me? Who are you? You coward calling from a private number. If you have guts call me from your original number.”

“Ha ha ha. Its not cowardness Mr.Mahesh. Its just a safety measure to prevent you from stopping my marriage. I am going to tie the knot to Ishu in 10 minutes. Do whatever you can? Good bye.”

“Hey **** ***** **** “…. Mahesh shouted out at the guy on the other side but it didnt reach the caller as he had already disconnected and the beep sound was only heard by Mahesh.

Mahesh called Ishu’s house and told the information and told them to come to registrar office. He rushed in his bike to the registrar office and it was already 11:15 a.m. Ishu’s parents and her brother reached there at same time. Gasping and feeling tough to breath, Mahesh ran inside the registrar office. Ishu’s brother followed him. Mahesh would not have even dreamed till few seconds back that he would be cheated by the girl whom he thought would spend rest of his life with, by the same girl on whose wish he designed the flat where they planned to stay after marriage, by the same girl who spoke with so much love and care half an hour back, by the same girl who promised him so many things post wedding.

Ishu and the man, who should have called Mahesh were standing right in front of Mahesh and Ishu’s family with all smiles and in the newly wedded look. Seeing her family and Mahesh, Ishu tightly held the hand of her new husband. Mahesh couldn’t understand if it was real. He found his whole world crumbling down in front of him. He just froze. Ishu’s mom was first to react. She just ran and rose her hand to slap her daughter who had shattered the dreams of everyone around. A police officer got hold of her hand and warned her that any violence against Ishu and her husband would land them in jail.

Mahesh and Ishu family had no choice but to allow them to go happily. Mahesh left the place immediately not uttering a single word. He didnt know how to convey this to his parents who are old and sensitive. He didnt know how to face his friends who are counting days to enjoy his wedding. He didnt know what his life is going to be without Ishu.

P.S : This is a true incident that has happened to my friend and would also have happened to one of your associates. There could be lot of guys who are facing criticism or insult because of such girls in their life. If the same would have happened to the girl, everyone would have got agitated and would have tried to bring it to lime light by making police complaints and media would have covered it adding more spice to the news. But when it happens to a guy like Mahesh, it is just supressed. He doesnt even have rights to go and complaint against her in India as the law is always in favour of women. I am not against it but I just wish the law could be not biased based on gender.

crimeagainst men

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