Kamini (Story through Raja Ravi Verma’s pictures)

Kamini was a software professional working in a MNC.


She lived a carefree life.


She had her own gang of girls with whom she spent time at work and at hostel.


As years passed by,she was stressed by her work. She badly needed a break from the mechanical life.


She was also left alone as her friends were getting married and going away with their life.


She wanted to fall in love as her friends and want to do get married to her love. So she started looking for her man.


Her first try was her manager. She had crush on him for long time. She proposed him but he didnt accept her proposal and it ended in vain.


At the same time, she got a proposal from her team mate who had come for a break from on-site location.


Kamini was so excited about getting married to an onsite guy. She made love to him in the woods as he requested.But after the one night stand he escaped.


Vexed by this affair, she lost interest in her love life.

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Somehow knowing about this affair, a top management guy tried to woo her, but Kamini didn’t repeat the same mistake.


She had a good friend at work who was an emotional support to her after her breakups.


When she gave a break to this love finding game, her mom found a match for her who was the son of a wealthy businessman.


Kamini liked the guy and the proposal got fixed. One day he took her to a long drive and tried to force her for a pre marital relationship which she liked and so she called off the wedding.

Raja Ravi Varma Paintings collection Photo  12

She was so disturbed about things not happening in favor of her. She took a stroll to the nearby park, where she met Ravi verma.


Kamini and Ravi verma fell in love in first sight.


Ravi verma agreed to marry her immediately and thus Kamini’s dream came true. She married her man, Ravi verma.


They lived happily ever after.


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