When times change, the thought process also changes. As many of my friends and relatives know, I was never forced into anything by my parents. They gave me enough freedom but with few fears which I call as “middle-class mindset”. There was always a CAUTION board raised when I did something but it is all because of the excess love and the fear of them that I should not fail in what I try.

Now I have responsibility to raise my son and my wife tells me that he should possess all the good values that we have. So I thought I would modify the advice Gen X gave me (Gen Y) to fit the mentality of Gen next :

Gen X: Learn to be polite and respect everyone around.
Gen Y: Learn to be assertive and tell your opinion firmly. Respect elders and more importantly respect yourself.

Gen X: Concentrate more on studies because they are going to get you paychecks.
Gen Y: Concentrate on studies as well as your passion. Your passion might get you paychecks and keep you happy.

Gen X: Keep yourself and the place you live clean and tidy.
Gen Y: Keep yourself, the place you live, your surrounding and everywhere clean and tidy.

Gen X: Dont take risk. Play it safe.
Gen Y: Take risks. Have plan B always for worst case. You have one life and you shouldn’t feel for not attempting something you wished to do.

Gen X: Give priorities to your academics than games. You can play whenever you want.
Gen Y: Academics are important and so is fitness. Allocate time on your favorite sport.

Gen X: Have fear on almighty. He will punish if we do not follow the rules.
Gen Y: Love the almighty. He doesn’t punish us but he does teach us the right and wrong.

Gen X: Over confidence is not good for progressing or excelling. So don’t have much confidence.
Gen Y: Have confidence in whatever you do. It might take you places. You may fail on something you were confident about but you will not regret for not doing it later.

Gen X: Dont be adventurous.
Gen Y: Be adventurous once in a while. You will know the value of life.

Gen X: Be happy with what you have and be contended.
Gen Y: Be happy with what you have but fight to get more. Let it not be to prove anybody or to live a luxury life.

Gen X: You need not do anything for the society. First think about you then you can think about society.
Gen Y: Be socially responsible. You need not take an effort for this.

Gen Y (we) always argued with our parents on why we should follow their advice. Gen next are born smart and have access to everything in the world in their finger tip. I hear from few friends whose kids are now in 1st to 5th grades telling their kid doesnt ask them about anything but they simply land up in search of what they want in google. But as any other parent I feel its my responsibility to give away my learning to my kids and slowly I see that I am getting the fear which my parents would have got when I grew up.


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