Boring day at work !!!

Feeling so bored at office and wondering how to kill time on a day when you have no work literally. I tried the following but to me they made my day worse.

  • Check friends who are free in the evening to meet. Oh WTF !!! Everyone have got work 😦
  • Listen to my favorite playlist? Nah. The same songs are boring.
  • Go home early and watch a movie with family. Have to make my son sleep before that, else we might end up watching two and half hours movie for four hours. Plan cancelled.
  • Social networking ? Bored of liking and commenting.
  • Call up a friend with whom you have not talked for long time. HE IS BUSY !!! He replies “Cant pick the call. Whatsapp me “
  • Listen to radio stations. FM radios = “Less music, more ads”.
  • Read newspaper at office reception. No hot news anywhere.
  • Leave home early. Oh no. Have to record 8 hours at office.

Since I have nothing to kill time, finally I wrote this blog before leaving office about why the solutions mentioned doesnt help me. Hurray !!! I did it 😛

If you tell we can do so much being at office and I wasted a day, just add your ideas in the comments column. I shall try it out next time !!!

2 thoughts on “Boring day at work !!!

  1. I guess you aren’t in a banking account, otherwise you could have not even done this to kill time as these blogs and other websites are blocked inside the ODC!! Adu byangara mokkai 😀

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