Wear helmet, drive safe :)

Today is the last day the chennai bike riders can flaunt their hair style,  make up,   stubble etc while riding because the rule to wear helmet while riding bikes is mandated from tomorrow (1st July,  2015).

Even though this rule has been on and off during last few years, this time the impact seems to be high. I could see various helmet dealers in roads and shops running out of stock. These shops would have rare customer visits earlier but today the drama was quiet high. The shops were crowded and the shop keepers were announcing that they are running out of stock and the customers cursing the shopkeepers for not maintaining enough stocks in demand. The effect was like the day when a new iphone is being launched in the US.


But there is still a group which is waiting for some X and Y to file a petition in the Madras high court to withdraw this rule and so they do not want to invest in helmet for time being.  Another group of people are so much disappointed because they were expecting the govt to give helmets for free.

My take on this is very simple. Though it looks good when your hair flies in the air while you drive or the money you spent on beauty parlor is for show casing your beautiful face in public, you should be alive to do these things and wearing a quality helmet gives protection to your head and face. Dont ask me surity for this and quote some instances where helmet has failed to save the life. Wearing a helmet that covers full face and your head till neck would definitely reduce the risk of damage even in the worst case. Lets use our common sense to wear helmet when we drive.

So big cheers if you wear helmet regularly,  if not atleast make it a habit from tomorrow. Drive happily and safely wearing helmet because life is precious.


U can watch the awareness campaign ad video having example of hindu gods here.

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