Break in career – A tough decision for every women to make

Every one of us dream to have a great career progress, huge hikes and perks every year, good recognition in the team or in the organization. That is the dream everyone would have in whatever career they are in. But is everyone able to do it ? Especially women ?

“Its a billion dollar question”

My wife is really smart and dedicated at work. She was a key resource in her company’s project and really very flexible at work. She has been  a perfectionist and hence the most wanted resource for any new projects from its kick off time. Since we have just one year difference in our experience, I have always felt happy that we both will grow in our careers together. But sadly her career had come to a temporary halt since we had our kid.

Its not only with my wife but with many working moms who had to either sacrifice their career or take a break until the kid goes to school so that it is manageable by the elders in the family. You think its easy to make the decision? When the woman thinks about the kids, the man would be thinking about the big amount missing in the family budget, about paying loans, about the luxury factor that would be miss. She would see her career dreams of leading a team, onsite travel, recognition fading away with a fear that she might loose her respect among the family members and relatives, her fear of how her husband would treat her, how she cannot buy things instantly for her or for her kids like she used to do earlier, how she would be asked to plan everything going forward, how she would be pin pointed for every mistake at home. Inspite of all these, she takes the bold decision to quit and take a break for the family happily. “HAPPILY” which is more important and to be stressed.

Though I feel guilty at times since my wife’s onsite opportunities, promotions have been denied since we have planned a family but I see her enjoy being with the kid. Every woman and her family have this tough decision at some point of time. I wish the dreams are just postponed and not shattered by the break.


2 thoughts on “Break in career – A tough decision for every women to make

  1. Its very true Jai,… lets go with the priority, we pave way for the next generation to live their life the fullest,, so we feel happy in that angle.. I proudly say that only a mom can do that job and no other satisfactory replacement..


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