New Blog – Hello world!

It doesnt happen regularly, not very often. In fact it happens once in a blue moon. The so called “Intellectual” talk among the crazy group of friends which made me start this page. So it happened yesterday during a whatsapp group conversation when my friend or twin sister N decided to bombard me and my other friend with her “find your passion” or “who are you?” kind off session. Me and N share similar passions and also the thought process works same. N is really a crazy friend who doesnt end a topic without convincing us to do the task. N has now started a page and she wanted us as well to start our own blog pages and write our thoughts and according to her this is about individualism.

When this conversation started, so did my right brain started to think on my passions. The RJ aspirant, wannabe journalist, soft skill trainer, fashion designer and the list grows long which i have not at all tried or have not succeeded by just giving few attempts. So my thoughts took a U-turn to find what I have done good in my list of hobbies which have won appreciations, so that I can continue to excel in the same (this actually gives me a small happiness or alpa santhosham as in tamil).

In the list stands high, is my ability to criticize day to day happenings, write my opinions on anything and everything in social networking sites like FB and twitter. So I thought Y not put it in a blog. I already have a blog( but I have dedicated it to write tamil poems. So I opened this page to register what runs in my mind.

Thus is born the sweet, karam, coffee kinda blog “Thoughts & Opinions”.

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